Saturday, May 04, 2002

Two Interesting Articles

On Peter Pribik's weblog. The first is about our public school system, and why it's failing (teachers don't know their place) (via Matt Welch)

And the second article, right below the first, is a letter by Lance Montauk about the situation in Israel. It's a different view of the situation in Israel than any I've seen so far, he argues Arafat wanted this latest intifada (I agree with that), but he also argues that it has benefited Arafat:
The result of these months of increasing Israeli intervention? Arafat, whose security services had only recently fired live ammo at the radical Palestinians, has become the popular leader again, authority unquestioned, opposition vanished - the only authority around. Anyone who threatened him is either dead or in Israel by invitation. Crowds flock to welcome him. Defiant, unbowed, undeterred - and most importantly, unopposed -Arafat returns to the West Bank in control. And maybe ready to deal.
I have to disagree. Actually, Arafat's security forces have been gutted and he is despised by his own people.

The Peace Process Game, Peacekeeper Edition

Only an interNational Socialist could be in love with the idea of sending peacekeepers to patrol between Israel and Palestine. Here's Jonathan Rauch's analysis (via the Brothers Volokh) on the subject of peacekeepers.

I agree with what he says, I think sending in peacekeepers would accomplish absolutely nothing, exacerbate the situation, and Israel would suffer the most. If the peacekeepers actually tried to stop the terrorists, they could not do so without putting themselves in harm's way. They would be useless compared to the IDF, even if they made a real and honest effort to crack down on the terrorists.

Here's my analysis, in the form of a game: It's time to play the "Peace Process Game, Peacekeeper Edition" — by Privateer

To Play: You'll need one six-sided die (that's a "regular dice," for those of you who are non-geeks), and some items which can be used as "counters" (loose change works well. M&Ms make for a more satisfying game, because you can eat them at the end. You can also just make marks on a sheet of paper.

Or you can do the whole thing in cyberspace! Click on the "roll" buttons to get yourself a free pair. Just use the value of the left die. Close the window after you roll. You can also use virtual counters, you'll see them below the game.

The score is kept in these "Misery Counters;" every time Israel is hit with a terror attack, a counter is added, and every time Israel is hurt diplomatically, a "Misery Counter" is added. It is possible for "Misery Counters" to be removed, although this is unlikely.

Rules: Start at #1 and give yourself a "Misery Counter." (Every time you land on #1, give yourself a "Misery Counter.") I order to advance in the game, you must roll a six-sided die. Move on to the next space based on the result of your roll (if you rolled a "1," move on to the "1"). Continue until you end up a space labeled "Game Over." At the end of the game, count up all of the "Misery Counters" you're managed to accumulate. The higher the score, the greater the misery inflicted on the Israelis.
1 - Palestinians carry out a terrorist attack! Add a "Misery Counter." ROLL
a - (1) The peacekeepers allow the Israeli government to respond, or attack the terrorists themselves. Remove one "Misery Counter" (go to #2)
b - (2, 3, 4) the peacekeepers block Israel from retaliating. (go back to #1)
c - (5, 6) The Israelis proceed to attack over the objections of the peacekeepers! Israel takes a diplomatic hit, but also scores a military victory. (proceed to #1)
2 - If the peacekeepers made any attempt to stop the terrorists, the terrorists would target them. When peacekeepers started dying, their home countries would become very upset. ROLL
a - (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) they could decide to stay ROLL
i - (1) they could crack down militarily on the terrorists, or allow the IDF to do so. Remove one "Misery Counter" (if this is the case, go back to #2)
ii - (2, 3) they could publicly blame the terrorists, but stop trying to interfere with their activities (if this is the case, go to #1)
iii - (4, 5, 6) they could blame both sides, but take diplomatic action against Israel only, and stop trying to interfere with the terrorists. Add a "Misery Counter." (if this is the case, return to #1)
b - (6) they could decide to withdraw ROLL
i - (1) and they could blame the terrorists, remove a "Misery Counter" (game over)
ii - (2, 3) they could blame Israel, add a "Misery Counter" (game over)
iii - (4, 5, 6) or they could blame them both, but take diplomatic action against Israel but not the Palestinians. Add a "Misery Counter" (game over)
And remember: since everyone ends up exactly where they were before the peacekeepers were sent into the region, you can play this game as many times as you like!

[update (5/5 12:17am): Eugene Volokh has linked to my blog since I provided him with a link. I don't expect an Instalanche, but a Volokquake would be nice.]

Arafat Senility Watch

From the Israel Resource Review (via Free Republic):

An Appearance by a Person on the Verge of Losing Control

Yedioth Ahronoth
(p. 3) by Gavriel Raam -- [The author is an expert and lecturer on non-verbal communication.] At the press conference where he spoke about the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Arafat appeared to be a man on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

The PA chairman went completely berserk and displayed extreme emotional agitation. His face and his tone were a mixture of anger and weeping. He appeared to be someone emotionally out of control. His voice was not steady, his hands moved erratically, and from time to time, there were long silences between his words, which could attest to interrupted thought processes as a result of emotional overload.
Read the whole thing.

Profiteering Off of Arafat's Insanity

I had an idea about a year ago of making a doll called the "Squeeze Keyes," which would look like Alan Keyes. When one would squeeze the doll, its eyes would bulge out and it would play a sound clip of Keyes making a lunatic statement.

Maybe somebody could make one of these for Arafat. I can just imagine the little doll flying into an eye-bulging rage and screaming out "You have to be accurately when you are a-speaking with General Yasser Arafat!"

It would be like Tickle Me Elmo for grown-ups... (in fact, if they used the same mechanism as in the Elmo doll, Arafat could "quake with rage")

"Is Arafat Reneging on the Deal or Not?" Watch
(and another exciting episode of "Arafat Senility Watch")

The intransigence watch continues! Is Arafat going to back out of the deal, or not? As part of the agreement to release him from his Ramallah compound, Arafat agreed to arrest six terrorists and allow them to be imprisoned by American and British soldiers. From the start, Arafat did not want to imprison two of them, Fouad Shoubaki and Ahmad Saadat. Shoubaki is responsible in part for the Karine-A fiasco, and Saadat is the head of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (no, that's not Cynthia McKinney's organization). All six were sent to the prison.

But now Arafat is saying the U.S. promised to release the prisoners (and the White House has denied this). An aide to Arafat says [t]he Palestinian attorney general will decide on the fate of two senior officials imprisoned as part of a U.S.-brokered deal. According to IMRA, Arafat told Al Jazeera that "They are sitting in an office like me and you-honored and respected-and they have complete freedom of movement!"

What the heck is going on?

The situation is widely seen in Palestine as a humiliating capitulation to the Americans and Israelis. There are two possibilities, either Arafat is correct that they are free and everyone but Arafat is lying, or Arafat is desperately trying to save face by getting the two terrorists released.

I would tend to believe the second theory. Of course, if Arafat is lying, and lying this badly, that means he's certifiable. He can't just take back what he said on Al Jazeera. Unless IMRA is mistaken, this is the only rational thing to believe.

Arafat probably is insane. His own people are rejecting him, one of his cabinet ministers resigned, even Ari Fleischer has said "[t]he president does believe that the Palestinian people deserve better." If this is the end of Arafat, what will happen next? What will happen to the Palestinian Authority? What will come of the "Peace Process?"

Why did a high-level Hamas leader say the Saudi "peace plan" would be acceptable to Hamas? Is he just trying to take the PLO's place as Israel's negotiating "partner?" Hamas would be no different than Arafat, their strategies are the same: keep negotiations open, keep the bombs flowing into Israel, never make a promise that can't be easily broken, and never halt the bombings.

[update (7:36pm): "Is Arafat Reneging on the Deal or Not?" Watch has been added to a more general catagory, "Intransigence Watch." This is to keep track of all the times he has gone back on his word and refused to halt the total war against Israel.]

Casualties of War

While the murdered get the most attention in the aftermath of a suicide bombing, it should be remembered the "wounded" do not all recover in a few weeks. The gruesome injuries are much more difficult for the country to deal with than the deaths—the dead can be buried, but the living must be treated in hospitals, and then cared for. They have to live with their scars, missing fingers, missing limbs, and missing eyes.

We were "lucky" with September 11th, most people came out either healthy or dead, there were very few injuries for the number of fatalities. There was no need for all of the blood donated in the aftermath. But the staggering number of injuries after every bombing—in some cases, more than a hundred—has been difficult for the Israeli medical establishment.

Captain's Log

I've found my Internet ranking (via Emmanuelle)

My average traffic rank: 11,032,968. That means there are approximately eleven million web sites currently getting more traffic than me. That means I'm almost doing as well as... Pejman's biography.

Considering, however, that there are six billion people on Earth, and some have more than one web site, this puts me at about the half-million mark as far as importance is concerned. In other words, I'm among an elite one out of 12,000 people. So when I walk down any given street in America, I'll have to pass by 6,000 people before I'll find one half as important as myself. Statisticians might sneer at my mathematical methods, but they should remember their place; after all, I doubt many of them are in this elite, only one out of every 12,000 American statisticians would qualify.

I am happy to say I've secured a Sullivan Number of Three, thanks to Charles Johnson (and to the DynaMistress for linking to LGF). The obscene profits of warbloggering are going to come my way soon, I just know it!

Friday, May 03, 2002

Israelis Poison, Sterilize Palestinian Schoolgirls

Not twenty years ago, the Palestinians claimed girls in Jenin, and then across the territories, had been poisoned by Israel in a plot to sterilize them (via Letter from Gotham). The story is remarkably similar to the current situation in Jenin:
Reporters went into a media frenzy, even though the charges were preposturous.
The world immediately condemned Israel, even though there was no evidence.
The Palestinians faked suffering for cameras in order to get the world's sympathy.
Israeli cameras, unknown to the Palestinians, caught them in the act and exposed the lies for what they were.
The "human rights" organizations like the Red Cross continued to blame Israel for silly things, until the story died completely.
We can only hope Jenin will completely fade away as an issue. But next time, we won't be surprised when the world turns on Israel so savagely.

Don't Fall for it, Lileks!

From his bleat today:
In all fairness: I had mentioned yesterday that I knew of no PLO dissidents, if that word makes sense in this context. The current New Yorker has a profile of a PLO’s chief rep in Jerusalem, who the article’s opening paragraph portrays as being against suicide bombing and the right of return, and opposed to the rejection of the Israeli proposals at Camp David and Taba. I haven’t read the article yet, but it just seems correct to note the article’s thesis and commend it to anyone who wants more information.
Here is the article to which he refers: Will anyone listen to the P.L.O.'s voice of restraint?
This was not the first time that Nusseibeh had been so accused. In 1991, during the Gulf War, he was jailed after Israeli military-intelligence officials said he had called the Iraqi Ambassador to Tunisia and described how better to target the Scud missiles that Baghdad was lobbing at Israel. After three months, Nusseibeh was released. He says that the charge that he helped Iraq in any way was "absurd," and that the Israelis had been tapping his telephone, collecting a file, and hoping to "nail" him since the 1987 intifada. In fact, such charges still come up. Recently, an article in the Jerusalem Post warned that Nusseibeh is a "con man," who plays the "good cop" in a media dumb show "orchestrated by Arafat." Nevertheless, leading politicians, including Israel's foreign minister, Shimon Peres, and its defense minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, who are not in the habit of endorsing enemies of the state, have praised Nusseibeh as a courageous and trustworthy interlocutor.
But do Peres or Ben-Eliezer question Nusseibeh's guilt? If he's lying about that, why should we trust anything else he says?

Nevertheless, leading politicians, including Israel's foreign minister, Shimon Peres, and its defense minister, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, who are not in the habit of endorsing enemies of the state, have praised Nusseibeh as a courageous and trustworthy interlocutor.
Simon of Oslo (Yitzhak Peres) never met a Palestinian terrorist he didn't like, so long as the terrorist said he was willing to negotiate.

After fending off a few calls on his cell phone, Nusseibeh continued, "I look at it this way: before Camp David, when the Oslo accords were first signed, people assumed, and were told by their leaders, that this was a first step, and at the end of five years we were going to regain the territories occupied since 1967 and establish a state with East Jerusalem as its capital. So people went along with Arafat and this process. There were several positive steps taken. On the other hand, the Palestinians saw the Israelis doing things that were not consistent with withdrawal. They saw them continuing to confiscate territory and increase settlements. So they began to develop a kind of schizophrenia. If you were living in a place like Nablus or Jenin and were told by your leadership that things were going ahead and you heard about negotiators coming and going, you assumed it would happen. But, if you looked outside, you saw the opposite on your doorstep: territories being confiscated, settlements, lack of freedom of movement. And things were getting postponed—five years went to almost seven—so there was a sense of frustration among the population.
It's a bit strange to discuss the breakdown of the Oslo "peace process" without even mentioning the acts of terrorism which Nusseibeh supposedly decries.

"The Palestinians have to resurrect the spirit of Christ to absorb the sense of pain and insult they feel and control it, and not let it determine the way they act toward Israel," Nusseibeh said. "They have to realize that an act of violence does not serve their interest. This is a gigantic undertaking."

It is indicative of Nusseibeh's elusiveness that his metaphor spoke at once of Palestinian martyrdom, the myth of Jewish violence against Jesus, and the need for a new culture of peace.
It's also indicative of his sliminess. Muslims don't believe Jesus was crucified, they believe Allah took him up to Heaven, and his likeness was crucified. And Nusseibeh isn't even religious, as the article makes clear ("Nusseibeh was born a Muslim, but he is not a practicing one, he said. He does not believe, for example, in a real afterlife, for martyrs or anyone else."). It's indicative of the cynical nature of the P.L.O. in general, using religious imagery even when it itself is overwhelmingly secular.

For all its faults, the article is worth reading, though, because it contains this gem:
One prominent Palestinian spokesman, Ghassan Khatib, the director of the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center, told me that the occupation, with its checkpoints and its violence, "accumulates a feeling of bitterness and creates a spirit of revenge, a feeling of anger, and brings reaction in a way that people feel is the only way they can respond. In Ramallah, not long before these suicide activities, an Israeli tank shell killed a mother and five children. The Israelis said they were aiming at Palestinian policemen and mistakenly hit the civilians. You might believe them. I might believe them. But the perception of the public is what comes out of it."
The director of Arafat's state-run media says the truth isn't as important as "the perception of the public." I wonder where the Palestinian public could possibly get their mistaken perceptions?

#4 Abu in the Philippines

After the barbaric bomb and grenade attacks on public places filled with civilians, it's especially good to have captured Satar Yacub, who authorities say is the #4 man in the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization.

I'm trying to make out the text on his shirt. Between this photo, and an Associated Press news video, it appears the shirt says "1994 USA Adventure" (I think there are some words I'm still missing). The irony must be as excrutiating as his shoulder wound appears to be.

Yarr! Beware the Masters of the High Seas!

The U.S. Navy fires on small boats thought to be pirates:
The USNS Walter S. Diehl (T-AO193) was passing through the area when the six small power boats sped alongside. The Diehl first fired flares to warn the small boats away, but according to reports filed on the incident, the boats did not back down.

At that point, officials told CNN, a gunner on the deck of the Diehl opened fire with a .50-caliber machine gun. Those on deck said it appeared the men on the small boats tried to surrender, but the Diehl's gunner kept firing as the ship moved ahead. The small boats then sped off.

Officials say they do not believe this was a terrorist incident, but may have been local pirates who may not have realized the ship they were trying to board was a U.S. Navy vessel.

Poor little guys. Just trying to make a dishonest living, they probably never knew what hit them. Take it from me, it's never fair when the other ship shoots back.

Of course, if this was an Israeli warship, the United Nations would have already condemned "illegal Zionist aggression" and demanded to investigate the possible use of "disproportionate force" (which is a war crime).

And I'm Back on Google

Woohoo! Now I'll be able to provide content for the whole world.

I will use this as an opportunity to introduce my latest feature: Publishing words totally unrelated to my blog, designed to draw hits from depraved people! It worked (accidentally) for File13, it can work for me!

[I have removed this feature. Go away you sick freaks, and look for the Lisa L#### autops## phot##s somewhere else]

[Isn't this unethical?--ed Why should I listen to you? You're just an imaginary editor gag!]

I am YACCsified

YACCS/Rate Your Music is a much more powerful program for web comments, it gives me control over them (not that I've had any problems), it's much more user-friendly, and I can actually see and when I have comments.

I've reproduced old comments (most of which I never even saw before) from the last week.

The End of HAMAS?

Hamas wants to make peace with Israel, and finds the Saudi plan acceptable (via The Blogs of War):
In a startling move, the militant Islamic movement Hamas has accepted the terms of the Saudi peace proposal and is willing to stop attacks on Israel if it returns to pre-1967 borders, a Hamas spokesman told The Chronicle.

The spokesman, Ismail Abu Shanab, said that if Israel agrees to the Saudi plan, which calls for the Jewish state to return to its pre-1967 borders in return for "normal relations" with Arab nations, Hamas will "cease all military activities."

"That would be satisfactory for all Palestinian military groups to stop and build our state, to be busy in our own affairs, and have good neighborhood with Israelis," he said.

The interview with Shanab, a member of the five-person executive committee of Hamas, took place at his home in Gaza City on Friday night. Asked if he was speaking for the entire Hamas organization, Shanab said, "Yes."
I can only hope this is true.
In a two-hour interview conducted in English, Shanab, who has a master's degree in engineering from Colorado State University, said the Hamas covenant calling for "every inch of Palestine" from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is "theoretical," and that Hamas must now be "practical."

"There has been generation after generation (of war). Now there is a generation who needs to live in peace, and not worry about their safety," said Shanab. "So it is a generation that wants to practice living in peace and postpone historical issues. We speak of historical Palestine, and practical reality."

Asked whether "postponing historical issues" means that Hamas has not given up on its goal of eliminating the state of Israel, Shanab replied, "When I speak of postponement, I mean that there is a right for every generation to be satisfied with their condition. Now, when Palestinians and Israelis live among each other in peace, they may cooperate with each other in a way that everyone will be satisfied."
The only reason the Saudi iniative exists is because the terrorists have been beaten so thoroughly, maybe they finally gave up their dream of destroying Israel through acts of violence.

I would actually not be against the Saudi plan if Hamas agreed to stop the terror. The only flaw in the Saudi plan is that Israel would be so vulnerable; take away the threat, and it would be a just peace.

Of course, to suspend suspicion and cynicism in this case would be foolish. Dr. Frank (of BoW) says "What are they up to? Trying to present a more "moderate" face in order to bolster their claims as successors to the doomed Arafat? Trying to forestall impending Israeli operations in the Gaza strip?" Or maybe trying to get their prisoners released?

I actually don't see the line "it is a generation that wants to practice living in peace and postpone historical issues" so cynically as Dr. Frank. Does he mean he's just putting off holy war for a generation? Even if that is the intent of Hamas, if the Palestinians actually live in peace for a generation, will they be willing to restart the intifada and the terror? Even if Hamas is able to restart the terror in a generation, a generation of peace would be an incredible acheivement.

Hamas exists to destroy Israel, if this issue is resolved, Hamas will cease to exist in its current form. It would become the religious party, to counter Arafat's secular party; ot would be the beginning of real democracy in Palestine. (Would Arafat dare crack down undemocratically on his political opponents if they knew how to make suicide bombs? I think not. The Second Amendment isn't so vital on a day-to-day basis for American democracy as it would be in Arafatistan.)

I can only hope this story is true, and Shanab is correct. But knowing the history of the conflict, I'm doubtful.

[update (6:30pm): actually, the Saudi plan has a large number of flaws in it, but those could be negotiated. The important thing is that Hamas has said it could accept the existence of Israel, and would postpone discussions about the right of return. And if the intifada ever flared up again, Israel could simply declare war on Palestine and restart the occupation.]

Why I'm Proud to be an American

George Bush gave a speech a few hours ago in support of a Palestinian state, among other things. But this is what attracted my attention:
A Palestinian state must be achieved by negotiating an end to occupation; but such a state cannot be based on a foundation of terror or corruption. A Palestinian state must be based on the principles that are critical to freedom and prosperity: democracy and open markets, the rule of law, transparent and accountable administration and respect for individual liberties and civil society.

We want to work with the Palestinian people, our regional partners in the international community, to build a Palestinian state that both lives at peace with Israel and lives up to the best hopes of its people.
Could you imagine a European politician attacking corruption withing the Palestinian authority? I can't. (And the corruption hurts only the Palestinians, not Israelis.)

Arafat Senility Watch

Limbaugh has a hilarious sound clip of Yasser Arafat yelling at Ted Koppel and Christianne Amanpour on his web site:
I am a general. You are, you are a-speaking with a-Yasser Arafat. You, you are attacking me. You are a-speaking to General Arafat.

You have to be accurately when you are a-speaking with General Yasser Arafat. BE QUIET! Thank you. Bye-bye.

This reminds me of Meryl Yourish's secretly-obtained phone transcripts of his conversations with other Arab leaders.

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Naomi Klein Discovers Anti-Semitism, and it's all Sharon's Fault

Two interesting articles are linked to on War Now!, one about a staged Palestinian funeral (view the photos of it here), and another by the anti-globalist Naomi Klein. It seems she's discovered anti-Semitism, and is none too pleased:

And yet I couldn't help thinking about all the recent events I've been to where anti-Muslim violence was rightly condemned, Ariel Sharon deservedly blasted, but no mention was made of attacks on Jewish synagogues, cemeteries and community centers. Or about the fact that every time I log onto activist news sites like, which practices "open publishing," I'm confronted with a string of Jewish conspiracy theories about 9-11 and excerpts from the Protocol of the Elders of Zion.
And no mention was made of attacks on Israeli shopping malls, discos, restaurants, synagogues, etc. These people aren't "peace activists," they're terrorism advocates. Apparently acts of terrorism are acceptable because Palestinians are just "resisting an occupying force" by carrying out these indiscriminate pogroms.

As a critic of both the Israeli occupation and of corporate-dictated globalization, it seems to me that the convergence that took place in Washington last weekend was long overdue. Despite easy labels like "anti-globalization," the trade-related protests of the past three years have all been about self-determination: the right of people everywhere to decide how best to organize their societies and economies, whether that means introducing land reform in Brazil, or producing generic AIDS drugs in India, or, indeed, resisting an occupying force in Palestine.
Of course, she doesn't believe in economic self-determination for the United States, she wants to force Kyoto on us. I guess democracy and "self-determination" don't count if you're determined to side with the corporations.

The hatred of Jews is a potent political tool in the hands of both the right in Europe and in Israel. For Mr. Le Pen, anti-Semitism is a windfall, helping spike his support from 10 percent to 17 percent in a week.
If Le Pen's support jumped that quickly in the last week (it didn't), it couldn't have been due to Le Pen's anti-Semitism. Because Le Pen has been anti-Semitic for his entire political career. The only new anti-Semitism that helped Le Pen was that of the French Muslims, when they started harassing Jewish Frenchmen and burning down their synagogues. Le Pen and his followers hate those Muslims as much or more than they hate Jews (Jews aren't committing half the crimes in their country and living on half of the welfare).

Jews outside Israel now find themselves in a tightening vice: the actions of the country that was supposed to ensure their future safety are making them less safe right now. Mr. Sharon is deliberately erasing distinctions between the terms "Jew" and "Israeli," claiming he is fighting not for Israeli territory but for the survival of the Jewish people. And when anti-Semitism rises, at least partly as a result of his actions, it is Sharon who is positioned once again to collect the political dividends.

And it works. Most Jews are so frightened that they are now willing to do anything to defend Israeli policies. So at my neighborhood synagogue, where the humble facade was just badly scarred by a suspicious fire, the sign on the door doesn't say, "Thanks for nothing, Sharon." It says, "Support Israel... Now more than ever."
In other words, it's Sharon's fault the synagogue was attacked, and not the fault of the vandals. In fact, anti-Semitism around the world is the fault of Sharon. Muslim clerics who teach their students that Jews are the sons of pigs and monkeys aren't to blame, Sharon is. The biased Arab media is not at fault, Sharon is. Of course, in Naomi Klein' s twisted world, when we are terrorized, we are supposed to step back and start making concessions, instead of digging in our heels.

But more needs to be done. It's easy for social-justice activists to tell themselves that since Jews already have such powerful defenders in Washington and Jerusalem, anti-Semitism is one battle they don't need to fight. This is a deadly error. It is precisely because anti-Semitism is used by the likes of Mr. Sharon that the fight against it must be reclaimed.

When anti-Semitism is no longer treated as Jewish business, to be taken care of by Israel and the Zionist lobby, Mr. Sharon is robbed of his most effective weapon in the indefensible and increasingly brutal occupation. And as an extra bonus, whenever hatred of Jews diminishes, the likes of Jean-Marie Le Pen shrink right down with it.
The stunning conclusion to the article: Naomi Klein comes out against racism. What a brave, independent, heroic stance to take! Racism is bad, and the left should fight it (these three sentences were sarcastic). I suppose this is just more of the agony of the left, that there is actually an internal debate over whether they should oppose racism, or use it as a tool to advance their political ends.

Arafat Senility Watch

Reuters has an incredibly biased video up on the web. You can hear Arafat screaming angrily in Arabic... and it's not pretty. But there's no video of him speaking. They were able to get photographs of him, why not video? I don't think they want people to see him behaving like this.

As far as the video is biased, it uses the word "martyr" to describe a dead Palestinian terrorist (according to Reuters, someone who has planted a bomb in a place crowded with children can't be called a "terrorist," but they can be a "martyr").

[update (10:02pm): this video contains a short clip of him getting angry. It also makes clear Arafat was going to the grave of some gunmen who died in battle in Jenin, not people martyred for their religious beliefs.]

Insta-man and Pej-pundit Agree

Lileks is on fire today, he's even better than usual.

[update (4/3 3:12am): Everybody agrees! Here are the links to Instapundit and PejmanPundit. Damian Penny recommended this bleat, and Megan McArdle (Live from the WTC) even uses the same phrase as I did, "Lileks is on fire today."]

Am I The Only One

Who really, really want the Saudis to buy ads on our televisions? I don't just want them to be able to buy the ads, I actually want them to do it.

Nobody thinks the Saudis are our partners in peace, and those ads would not convince many people at all to go to the dark side.

The reason I want to see these ads is that they would quickly become a national joke. Every major comedian would parody them and tear them to shreds. It would also counteract any ideas that Jews control the media, but more important the Saudis would be seen as the scheming manipulators. And that would be a very good outcome. Not even a savvy Republican advertising firm could counteract this.

And as Virginia Postrel notes, that means millions of dollars from the House of Saud that aren't going to something useful, like suicide bombers or international terrorists.

Zimbabwe and Israel

Douglas Turnbull at the Beauty of Gray blog, has suggested that Palestinian "collaborators" are used as scapegoats; the terrorists don't want to admit their strategies to kill Israelis were flawed, so instead they blame collaborators for wrecking them.

The same thing is happening now in Zimbabwe. Mugabe's disastrous policies have caused a famine, but he's blaming a (nonexistent) drought, white farmers, and now his goons are blaming Indians for the country's plight. And because these people are the cause of the country's woes, it logically follows their property can be seized. Zimbabwe is already in the midst of a downward spiral, but if the "war veterans" (most of whom were too young to participate in the war) attack the Indians, who knows where it will end?

There are always more scapegoats to be found. After the Indians, it will be political leaders opposed to Mugabe. If they call for strikes to protest the regime, Mugabe would use that as a pretense to declare outright them to be the enemy. Once his "war veterans" have ransacked all of their wealth, they'll find something else to turn on. Short of Mugabe being shot and replaced, the situation will only get worse from here.

Shame on Thabo Mbeki for standing behind his "friend" Mugabe after the brutal suppression of a democratic election. Shame on him for standing behind someone who would cause so much harm to the country. Shame on the United Nations for holding Israel under a microscope, ignoring Zim while it burns. Shame on the EU and the Commonwealth for not taking stronger action against Mugabe. They're not comfortable using harsh language against an African leader, but it's acceptable to them to let millions of Africans starve, so long as they send some aid and try to make up the difference. At least America's been taking a forceful approach against ZANU-PF. Somebody has to.

I suppose it's natural for people to look for "wreckers," and that's probably the biggest factor in causing anti-Semitism. Jews were always the "other," they were a different race and a different religion, they often kept to themselves, and they were very, very easy to blame for things. Now Israelis get to be the "wreckers" for Western-Islamic relations. The Europeans don't want to see the Saudis pouring money into Wahabbi mosques and madrasses around the world. They don't want to see the stark differences between Arab and Western culture, and how difficult (but necessary) it will be to reconcile the two. They would prefer to blame Israel for this situation, that "shitty little country," putting the rest of the world on the brink of WWIII.

And Something Fun

Zip compression provides another way of analyzing written content. Different languages zip up differently—as do different authors. Does this mean we can hunt down the cowardly anonymous Bull Moose? (via GeekPress)

Gujarat Updates

Fred Pruitt over at Rantburg has the latest news surrounding the riots and the political fallout, as well as Musharraf's reelection. (via M-Pundit)

New York Times Bias Against Israel

CAMERA provides an objective look at the bias. (via Kesher Talk)

Arafat Senility Watch

In the news video last time, Arafat was extremely docile, quiet, and withdrawan. He spoke hesitatingly, and looked up to a handler for approval. This time. he's flown off the handle:

It's over for Arafat. His plan to turn Israel into a giant Dien Bien Phu by smuggling in rockets on the Karine A failed, his smuggling tunnels are being closed off in Gaza, the terrorist infrastructure has been gutted by the continuing Israeli incursions... the only terror attacks he is capable of carrying out are infiltration attempts into settlements, and thus far only one of these has been successful. He was trying to build up a force capable of dealing a very strong blow against Israel, at which point Arab armies would intervene, and finish the Jewish state off forever. Now he's lost even the capability to send suicide bombers into Israeli cities. Israel will never be "liberated" by acts of violence.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

It Pains Me to Say This

But I'll always side with firearms over friendship. Damian, you're wrong about arming pilots.
What if the pilot, even after months of training, is simply a lousy shot?
Others wrote that pilots, by nature, have good hand-eye coordination and multi-tasking skills, and should be able to handle a gun well enough to defend the small space between the cockpit and the rest of the plane. But it's very possible to be good at one task and lousy at another...I know an awful lot of extremely smart people who have "12:00" constantly flashing on their VCRs. Many pilots will undoubtedly make excellent marksmen, but many others will not - and they should not be prejudiced for that.
If someone is truly a lousy shot, they shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun on a plane. This should not stop the rest of the pilots from carrying.
11 saw four or five hijackers on each plane, and one man - armed, presumably, with a handgun - would probably not have been able to stop them all.
It's not that hard to hit people when they're lined up in narrow aisles. The reinforced cockpit doors would give the pilots plenty of time to prepare their weapons.
While the pilots are shooting the hijackers, who flies the fucking plane?
I wouldn't worry so much about going on autopilot for five minutes to shoot some hijackers, it's a risk worth taking. Just like the silly argument, "what if a stray bullet blows up the plane?" Well, assuming that would even happen, that's life. We shouldn't be worried about taking risks in order to stop suicide hijackers.
I do believe there should be a trained, certified sky marshal - someone whose job is to concentrate on security above all else - on each flight. The pilots' jobs are hard enough as it is, and we should not ask them to serve as security guards as well.
The pilots have the advantage of being behind a reinforced door, the air marshalls would be trapped with the other passengers in the main section of the plane. If one of them was carrying a firearm, he could be overpowered, and it could be taken from him. That's not likely to happen to a pilot in the cockpit. If the air marshall doesn't have a gun... how is he going to stop the terrorists?
I can't read this story without thinking of Homer Simpson using his gun to turn on his TV set and open his beer. Is there anything guns can't do?
Yes, we like guns. And yes, we think guns can be useful. Guns are particularly good at killing people, which, by some strange coincidence, is exactly what we're proposing to use them for. Not for opening beer cans.

Even from the point of view of a believer in gun control, what's so terrible about pilots having guns? They're better-trained than police officers, and have more lives on the line. What is it about guns that gets some people so excited, they oppose them at all times? This is such a simple, straightforward issue, everyone should support it.


Throwing a grenade into a crowded market, murdering three and wounding dozens more. How many people lost their arms? How many people lost their legs? There's no excuse for terrorism, and there's only one way to deal with it, and that is to eradicate it with overwhelming force.

Is Arafat Reneging on the Deal or Not?

While the text describing the videos over at Yahoo! News AP/Reuters Video Wire all suggest Arafat is going to surrender the six criminals, in one of the videos, his spokesman says Arafat will surrender four. Is he reneging on the deal or not? Who knows?

[update (2:50pm): apparently all six left with the convoy. Israel wouldn't pull out unless that was the case.]

Associated Press, Where Art Thou?

From the G-File:
Nique ta mère les juifs. Or, "F**k your mother, Jews!"

This, reports Chris Caldwell, is a popular slogan of the French "street." The expression — and, more importantly, the sentiment behind it — is so popular in France it's often truncated to, simply, "NTM les juifs."
So why doesn't the Associated Press or Reuters have even just one photograph of an Arab protest in France? Is it because none of them are politically correct enough? Why won't they cover this very real issue, that French Arabs are causing major strife in France? They're the reason behind Le Pen's victory, they're committing a terribly disproportionate amount of crimes, they're burning down synagogues, and they're protesting on the streets against Jewish people.

The Real Massacre

Despite all of the babble about a "massacre" in Jenin, the death toll there has been revised down to only 56.

That's three fewer than the number of Israelis who died during the month of April at the hands of Palestinians.

This month, it was mostly soldiers. That's because the Israelis are finally taking the war to the Palestinians. They can't back down, they can't let the terrorists go back to killing Israeli civilians.

Hooray For Arafat's Intransigence!

The earlier reports that Arafat was reneging on the agreement are apparently true. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however. Israel now has the excuse it needs to keep him locked away.


Israel will never accept infanticide. The killer of Danielle Shefi is slain.

It's out, it's up, it's on the Web!

That's right, a new poem by Warrin' Will! And it's about Paul Krugman! Read it! Now!

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Color Me Doubtful

"Neo-Nazis are being blamed for the attack" on the synagogue in London, but "[g]reen paint was poured over walls and the Ark." I don't know why they're being blamed, but green is the color of Islam. Unless the skinheads knew this, and were deliberately trying to shift the blame onto radical Muslims, the only likely explanation is that this is an Islamist attack, carried out by British Arabs. (link via Kesher Talk)

[update (5/2 11:06pm): Howard Fienberg refers to my email on his weblog (don't blame him for not including a link to my blog, I fired off the email really quickly and forgot to include this URL)]

Jewish Terrorism

What is the extent of Jewish terrorism against Palestinians? Only seven murders. Compare that to the Palestinians' tally of more than sixty times as many Jews, despite only being half as large a population. Of course, it's not for the lack of trying on the part of the Jewish terrorists. But the Israeli government keeps them in check (as can be seen in the article above). The Israeli government persecutes Jewish terrorists just as relentlessly as it does Palestinian terrorists. Compare that to Arafat's regime, which aids and abets terrorists at every instance.

Something Stinks in Jenin

This on the Ha'aretz newswire: IDF Major General Gilad: Palestinians are moving animal carcasses into Jenin to worsen stench in camp. The IDF also reports they've been importing corpses from a nearby cemetary to make the tragedy look worse. So far, very few dead non-combatants have been pulled from the rubble, fewer than ten. I would be very surprised if there were more than twenty total. They were told to leave the camp by the Israelis; either they chose to stay and act as human shields, which is a violation of the Geneva Convention, or they were coerced into staying by the terrorists, which is also a violation of the Geneva Convention (I know, I sound like a broken record on this). Of course, more civilians there could die, from the unexploded bombs left behind by the terrorists.

It's despicable—when is the world going to demand honesty from the Palestinians? When is the world going to treat them like full human beings, with full responsibility for their actions? Palestinians certainly aren't doing much to convince the world they're human, that much is certain. Between murdering Mohammed al-Dura in front of the cameras and carrying out dozens of suicide bomb attacks (which reduce them to nothing but bomb-carriers), they seem intent on proving to the world they are the animals UNRWA makes them out to be. The Middle East is such a mess because the Arabs are all on welfare or Shellfare (oil money).

[update (5/3 3:58am): Podhoretz says "This week a Palestinian review committee reported a death toll of 56 in Jenin, of whom 34 were combatants," which would make for 18 civilian casualties.]

This Time He Really, Really, Really Means It

This time, He really, really, really means it.

Let's Keep it Real Hush-Hush

According to David Carr over at Libertarian Samizdata, "Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the spate of anti-semitic attacks sweeping across France (and elsewhere in Europe but especially France) seem to have, well, stopped?" According to John Chafetz over at Oxblog, "a synagogue in London was desecrated ... But, as on the Continent, the story is being woefully underplayed."

Could it be that the media is deliberately not giving these attacks the attention they deserve in order to hurt Le Pen? Le Pen draws his strength from addressing issues the corrupt and arrogant Chiraq refuses to acknowledge. The issue of Islamist hooliganism in Europe favors Le Pen. So the media wants to hush it up. But this will only backfire. Le Pen also draws his strength from the (correct) perception that elites aren't telling the Euro-Peons the whole story. (disclaimer: I don't like Le Pen at all, just predicting that something will benefit him is not an endorsement).

Or it could just be the media doesn't want to give Jews any positive publicity.

“a blood libel against the State of Israel.”

Even Simon of Oslo (Shimon Peres) is standing tall against the interNational Socialists over at the United Nations. IsraelNationalNews reports:
( This morning’s cabinet meeting called to decide whether or not the United Nations fact-finding mission concluded a short time ago. The government released a statement saying that the conditions for the UN to carry out a fair and just investigation into the events in Jenin have yet to be fulfilled.

The cabinet vote was nearly unanimous, with only one minister, Yitzchak Levy, voting against. Foreign Minister Shimon Peres called the accusations that spurred the UN to put together a fact-finding mission “a blood libel against the State of Israel.” The cabinet heard reports from the IDF Chief of Staff, intelligence officers and others before making its decision.
Remember, one of the three people on the U.N. "fact-finding" team is Cornelio Sommaruga, who once asked if the Red Cross was "going to have the shield of David, why would we not have to accept the swastika?" This was a setup from the very beginning, and it's nice to see Sharon—and Peres—give Kofi Annan a well-deserved poke in the eye.

Which Biological Weapon are You?

Which Biological Weapon are You?

Aflatoxin [link]
A crop mold, it's fairly lethal, and wholly natural. It still pops up from time to time, they have to recall batches of peanut butter and such.

Bacillus Anthracis [link]
Very lethal, even in extremely small amounts (which is not the norm for a bacteria). Anthrax spores are lethal for years even after being deployed.

Botulinum Toxin [link]
Very lethal, even in small amounts, this is a very nasty poison derived from Botulinum bacteria. "Botulism" is the natural occurrence of this, but the poison can be purified and used separately.

Brucellosis [link]
"Brucellae are facultative intracellular macrophage parasites, and localize in organs (especially the lung, spleen, liver, central nervous system, bone marrow, and synovium) with large numbers of macrophages." Very contagious, but slow-growing, and not likely to kill very many people.

Bubonic Plague [link]
This causes a nasty death, and is somewhat contagious. A classic.

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (Ebola, Marburg, CCHF, etc.) [link]
These cause extremely messy deaths (blood comes out of every orifice). Fairly contagious, wholly natural. Did I mention this one is messy?

Hepatitis [link]
Not really lethal, not all that exciting. Just a virus that makes your liver swell up.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus [link]
A new plague, a young plague, but a patient one.

Mustard Gas [link]
A man-made weapon, very poisonous, with a very messy result ("coughing up a lung," literally, in bloody chunks, if you're unlucky enough to inhale it. Otherwise, your skin blisters and burns).

Nerve Agents (Tabun, Sarin, VX, etc.) [link]
"Nerve agents in general attack the nervous system of the human body. When a nerve receives a stimulus acetylcholine is released in order to carry the impulse to muscles and organs. Once the impulse has passed, the enzyme cholinesterase acts to prevent the accumulation of acetylcholine after its release in the nervous system. Nerve agents inhibit the functioning of cholinesterase, as a consequence of which the acetylcholine continues to act so that nervous impulses continue to be transmitted. The first symptoms a victim will experience following exposure to nerve agents are a runny nose, tightness in the chest and constriction of the pupils (miosis). The victim will then encounter difficulties breathing, drooling from the mouth and nausea. Because of the loss of control over bodily functions, vomiting, defecation and urination occurs. This phase is followed by twitching and jerking. Ultimately the victim will become comatose and will suffocate as a consequence of convulsive spasms."

Q Fever [link]
Very contagious, but it rarely actually kills. The amiable slacker of biological weapons.

Ricin [link]
Another poison, similar to Botulinum toxin. This one is derived from castor beans. Hint: don't eat castor beans. This one can cause bloody diarrhea.

Salmonella [link]
Pathetic. It almost never kills anyone, and isn't very contagious at all. One of the few bioweapons to be used by terrorists on American soil.

Tularemia [link]
Not a very contagious bacteria, but Tularemia is pretty deadly if it gets in your lungs. It can also last for a few months after it's release.

Viral encephalitides [link]
These cause encephalitis, which can be very lethal. It's contagious, and it kills a lot of people who come down with it.

Smallpox (the Ultimate) [link]
Extremely contagious, causes extremely messy deaths. Kills a large number of those who get it, and those who survive aren't much better off. Smallpox is the king of Biological Terror; it's a classic, and still the most sought-after modern weapon.
Yes, I made a selector just to get attention for my weblog. (in the future, I'll add hyperlinks to all of those plagues, so you can learn about each one)

I'm Mustard Gas—what are you?

Monday, April 29, 2002

Maximum Insecurity

Britons will be 'sitting ducks' in Jericho prison

They should build a second jail, to house the Brits, for their own safety.

Axis of Evil Watch

British bomb expert sees Palestinian-IRA link
LONDON - A former British explosives expert now working for the Red Cross in the Jenin refugee camp has found 200 explosive devices that are identical to those used by the IRA in Northern Ireland, according to a report in The Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

Former Royal Engineers bomb-disposal expert Paul Collinson told the London-based paper that the devices he had found were identical in every detail to those he had encountered in Northern Ireland.

He is convinced that the devices were wither supplied by the IRA or made by Palestinians under direct IRA supervision: "When I saw the bombs it was like a flashback to Northern Ireland," he told the paper.

"The pipe bombs I found in Jenin were exact replicas of those in Northern Ireland – the size of the bomb, the way they put the nail in, the way of igniting it with a light-bulb filament, where they drilled the holes through, the use of a command wire and the means of initiating the bomb; these all the same.
A light-bulb filament! How ingenious! Thanks for the advice. I guess the JPost figures all the Palestinians who want to build bombs already know how to make those things, so it doesn't really matter that they're giving away trade secrets.
Israel raised concerns about links between IRA and Palestinian groups last month when the Mossad told British intelligence it believed the killing of seven soldiers and three civilians in Ofra by a sniper using a bolt-action rifle bore the hallmarks of an IRA operation.
Maybe while the IRA is dormant in Ireland, its operatives are still travelling the world to train others and gain experience. If IRA thugs aren't safe in Ireland, they might as well go to Columbia or Israel. Israel has always suffered from diversity and multiculturalism in the terrorist movements; the goons on the plane hijacked and taken to Entebbe included people in the Baader-Meinhof gang.

Video Evidence: Arafat's Less than Lucid

Does he look sane in this Associated Press video?

According to some experts, he may be suffering from senile dementia. It certainly appears to be the case.

Let's Give him Another Nobel Prize

( PA leader Yasser Arafat has already begun backing out of the agreement with the United States by which six persons are be handed over to the custody of US and UK agents to ensure they serve prison sentences.

Arafat is required to turn over four PFLP terrorists involved in the assassination of Rechavam Ze'evi, as well as Fuad Shubaki and PFLP leader Ahmed Sadat, responsible for the Karin-A weapons freighter. Arafat has already announced the Karin-A suspects would not be turned over to US custody.

Bush made a fool of himself by putting ridiculous demands on Sharon. Now he's paying the price. Arafat sees weakness, so he's testing Bush. If Bush does not strongly demand Arafat meet this agreement, he won't have any credibility at all in the Middle East "peace process."

The Anthrax Debate Continues

The NY Post has three columns on the subject today (via Free Republic):
Still Waiting for Answers
Remember Anthrax?
Why the Bureau Might Go Wrong
The possibility that one of the hijackers was treated for cutaneous Anthrax months before 9/11 is the most compelling evidence to date that Al Qaida was behind this.

Above the Law

Fury as cardinal lays blame on six-year-old pedophile victim

In his first legal response to accusations that a priest in his archdiocese began molesting a boy when he was six years old, Boston's embattled Cardinal Bernard Law said "negligence" by the boy and his parents contributed to the alleged abuse.

The cardinal's claim, filed in court by his lawyers, is standard legal defence language.
The parents of the boy, who was allegedly abused by the Rev Paul Shanley between 1983 and 1989, were furious.

"To say my son is legally responsible for his own abuse at the hands of this monster Shanley when my son was only six years old is horrific," said Rodney Ford, the father of Gregory Ford.
Is there really anything left to be said? This man should be put to death, or at least stand and face his critics in America, not be rescued by Popus ex Machina and spirited off to Rome.

Holding the Civilized World Hostage

Al-Qaeda 'plotting to seize hostages in days'

GERMAN police are hunting three terrorists who have hatched a plot to take hundreds of hostages in Britain, France and Germany within the next 20 days to force the release of al-Qaeda prisoners in Europe.

A leaked report by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA), the German equivalent of Scotland Yard, said that the men were prepared to kill themselves and the hostages. Details of the report published by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung suggest that the men — named only as Schah Ahmad Pergham, Raschid and Nisa — could take a large number of hostages by bursting into a cinema or a church service. Britain, France and Germany are all holding suspected terrorists linked to the al-Qaeda group.

The BKA tried to play down the report, and was evidently irritated by the leak. But the newspaper investigation, by Udo Ulfkotte, a specialist on terrorist and intelligence matters, quoted BKA officials as saying that they suspected that 30 suicide-bombers from Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan were poised to strike in the three countries, seizing 300 to 400 hostages in each nation.
Hostage-taking on this grand a scale would be very effective. It would be very difficult to storm all of the sites simultaneously, especially if the terrorists were prepared to commit suicide, and had some way of killing the hostages en masse with the push of a button.

Just imagine playing Rainbow Six, only with three separate hostage situations, instead of a single scenario. All unfold simultaneously, and all of the terrorists are in contact with one another. There are hundreds of hostages instead of a handful, and the terrorists have some means of incinerating them all very quickly, instead of shooting them one-by-one. It would be nigh impossible. There is no tactical team perfect enough, no special weapon powerful or effective enough, to resolve such a situation.

The only way to stop the terrorists is to take aggressive action against them, to stop them from even being able to plan these sorts of attacks. Because once they're set in motion, they're often nearly impossible to stop. The terrorists have tremendous advantages on their side, when it comes to carrying out attacks. They might not be able to get what they want politically, but they can hurt us quite easily.

A Kosher Conspiracy?

You will remember that was the lead article of The New Statesman's January 14th edition. I've located a picture of the cover, in case anyone hasn't seen it yet (I hadn't). It's a gold Star of David piercing the heart of the Union Jack.

And the British left says it's not anti-Semitic, just anti-Israel. Their blood libels against Israel can only be seen as the modern ideological cousin of Nazi propaganda.

Hate Crimes in Europe

This excellent column by Jeff Jacoby lists all of the goings-on in Europe:
In Belgium, thugs beat up the chief rabbi, kicking him in the face and calling him ''a dirty Jew.'' Two synagogues in Brussels were firebombed; a third, in Charleroi, was sprayed with automatic weapons fire.

In Britain, the cover of the New Statesman, a left-wing magazine, depicted a large Star of David stabbing the Union Jack. Oxford professor Tom Paulin, a noted poet, told an Egyptian interviewer that American Jews who move to the West Bank and Gaza ''should be shot dead.'' A Jewish yeshiva student reading the Psalms was stabbed 27 times on a London bus. Anti-Semitism, wrote a columnist in The Spectator, ''has become respectable ... at London dinner tables.'' She quoted one member of the House of Lords: ''The Jews have been asking for it and now, thank God, we can say what we think at last.''
Sadly, it doesn't stop there. Go read the column for the rest.

Shameless End-of-the-Week Reciprocal Promotion

Joe Katzman's Winds of Change weblog (the one with the impossible URL - has sent a few people my way. If you have a longer attention span (than mine), and are interested in religion (unlike me), he's apparently running an interesting discussion of Sufism (Islamic mysticism). I'm no expert, but M-Pundit likes it, so it's got to be good.

He's also posted some predictions about the French election last week, which seem to be coming true. And a lot of other stuff, go read it.

And I got a mention on Spleenville (Ye Olde Blogge), Andrea Harris's warblog, so go visit it, and make sure you follow this link to get there.

I'm also getting an obscene number of hits from a comment over at Little Green Footballs. I told everyone I had put a "special link" somewhere on my page. I assure you, it's right there (you can't see it, but it's right under your nose. Try using [Ctrl][F] and searching for dirty words). But I'm not going to link back to LGF, because that post was the product of my own initiative.

Even though I try not to talk like a commie and use words like "obscene" to describe success, in this case, it's the right word. Because the post is truly obscene :-)

Sunday, April 28, 2002

"Let My Ill Creep Go!"

Bush demanded the release of Yasser Arafat, and he got it.

Bush: Arafat must act now

Now that Arafat has been released, Bush expects him to act for peace. He's actually using strong language, he says Arafat "hasn't earned [his] respect," and that "he expects Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to "condemn and thwart terrorist activities" within the next 72 hours."

But how exactly can this be measured? All Arafat has to do is take a few token steps, and Bush won't be able to press him. Then Arafat gets to go free, and we're back to square one. Which is I think what President Bush wants, to get to some point where reopening negotiations are possible. It's too late for negotiations, the only answer is reoccupation, either by Israel or Jordan.

Fantasy Scenario: the second Arafat leaves the Mukata, Sharon storms it, and seizes all of the records inside. We can only dream...

When Arabs Write the News

The following is from ArabNews, Saudi Arabia's English daily, the author is Hamza Hendawi. Jenin Graffiti Artists Use English:
An old graffito declaring that "Osama bin Laden is a hero" has been painted over. Bin Laden is thought by the United States to be the architect of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, events that sent a few dozen Palestinians publicly celebrating on the day much to the dismay of many, including Yasser Arafat's administration.
Where to start? Osama isn't just "thought by the United States" to be behind the attacks, it is a well-accepted fact. There were more than "a few dozen Palestinians publicly celebrating," there were thousands. The only reason you didn't see pictures of them is because Arafat's henchmen threatened to murder the journalists if their photos appeared in the media. And there were members of Arafat's administration celebrating 9/11.

When I said this article was from ArabNews, I was lying. It's from the Associated Press. I wasn't lying about the author's name, though. This is insanity—why should someone with such a deep-seated hatred for Israel and history of willful manipulation of the facts be allowed to report on the situation? Probably because a fair, objective reporter would be murdered. Why isn't the media raising Hell about Arafat's violations of their freedoms, while they whine day in and and day out about Sharon's? Maybe the media doesn't want to cover the Palestinian atrocities, and is happy to have an excuse not to do their job.

Sharon is More Merciful than Saddam Hussein

Considering that headline will never appear in The Guardian, it's even more shocking that it would make an appearance in the Arab media. This article by Fuad el-Hashem appeared in the April 8th, 2002 edition of the Kuwait daily el Watan el Kuwaiti: (via Free Republic, the translation originally appeared on this kook's page, I'm can't vouch for its credibility but I'd like to believe it's true.)

Sharon is More Merciful than Saddam Hussein

It is nothing new for me as a Kuwaiti citizen that I should hear all kinds of headlines that reporters provide for us over the TV screens such as Ramallah being a “ghost city”, that Bethlehem is a “ghost city”, and one sees only military vehicles. Because I saw with my own eyes and experienced all that happened when the Iraqi army entered Kuwait in August 1990, and turned the capital into a real ghost city. One did not see anything other than military vehicles, and I think that only God knows that the Palestinian people should prostrate themselves with thanks to God, morning, night, and all the time that their enemy is the Israeli army. Because the situation of the Palestinians is much better than that we experienced with the Iraqi army, a savage army multiplied many times more savage than the Israeli, so much so that all the Israeli army does to the Palestinians compared to what the Iraqis did to Kuwait is child’s play.

The Palestinians feel the pain and suffering in their war with the Israelis, but they have a consolation and this ameliorates their situation in that they are facing a foreign army, speaking a foreign language, and their faces are not Middle Eastern. But our suffering (the Kuwaitis) was double. We were between a rock and a hard place. The Iraqi army Republican Guard was the rock and the hard place was the Arabic language, the Islamic religion, the same history, and geography with us.

I understand the feeling of the Palestinians when an Israeli soldier puts the end of the barrel of his gun in their faces but: what would your feeling have been, Arab Palestinians, if the soldier putting the end of the barrel of a gun in your face spoke Arabic, and was of the Arab nation, of the same Islamic religion, and had the same history and geography and destiny? And above and beyond this, the Iraqi soldier tells you his lies about the Ba’ath Party, one Arab nation, and the same eternal message.

I tell you Palestinians that you need to get down on your knees and to pray to God, morning, night and all day because Israel has biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, but doesn’t use them. Israel didn’t even threaten to use these weapons against the Palestinians. And had it been Hassan el-Majid, commander of the Iraqi army, who surrounded the Jenin refugee camp and not Israeli Army Chief-of-Staff Mofaz, it wouldn’t have taken more than five or six days, but rather the mustard gas would have been used by order of Meguid on the first day, to kill, not only the people, and the plantlife, but even the cats running between the houses and garbage bins and the rats in their holes.

The cries of the Kuwaiti people rose to the heavens in August 1990 for the Arab nation to save us from the total destruction of the criminal brother Saddam Hussein. And the Palestinians came out in Amman Jordan with demonstrations of happiness calling on Saddam as follows:

Bil Kimawi ya saddam, min el-Kuwait ledamam.

“With chemical weapons, Oh Saddam! From Kuwait with their blood!”

Here are some other things the Palestinians said:

Just yesterday, Hajj Ahmed ul-Kutan praised the Palestinian victory, but in history, eleven years ago, Sheikh Bayud al Tamimi who yelled from the minaret of the Mosque, and said:

“Allahuma ehraq arduhum, wa lah tut fi nar abarihim.

Allahum shattit shamluhum wansur Saddam Hussein alla el qaum azalimin.

“Allah will burn their land (Kuwait), and the fires will never be extinguished.”

“Allah will scatter them, and give Saddam Hussein victory over this bastard nation.” (Kuwaitis).

From the 18 months of intifada, there were 1,700 Palestinian shahids (martyrs), compared to six hours of Iraqi invasion from that morning of 2nd Av (August 1990) and the criminal Saddam Hussein army killing 1,000 Kuwaiti martyrs. Ariel Sharon is more merciful than Saddam Hussein. Shaul Mofaz is more merciful than Hassan Majid and Izzet e-Douhuri and Taha Yassin and all the other gangs of the Baghdad the rulers.
The Kuwaitis weren't pleased with the Palestinians; after the Gulf War, they were expelled—ethnically cleansed—from Kuwait. Apparently they have long memories.

The Jenin Inquiry takes another Nasty Turn

Not only is one of the members of the panel the avowed Jew-hater Cornelio Sommaruga (who once said, "If we're going to have the shield of David [as an emblem of the International Committee of the Red Cross], why would we not have to accept the swastika?"), but the forensics adviser to the team is the woman who "discovered" the Racak "massacre." Racak was not a "massacre," as even her own research showed, but she deliberately made false claims:

As the Hague indictment against Milosevic and his associates claims: "On or about 15 January 1999, in the early morning hours the village of Racak ... was attacked by forces of the FRY (Yugoslavia) and Serbia. After shelling by ... [Yugoslavian forces] the Serb police entered the village later in the morning and began conducting house-to-house searches. Villagers who attempted to flee from the Serb police were shot throughout [Racak]. A group of approximately 25 men attempted to hide in a building, but were discovered by the Serb police. They were beaten and then were removed to a nearby hill, where the policemen shot and killed them."

In her March 17, 1999, press conference and statement, Ranta herself claimed that "... there were no indications that the people ... [autopsied were] ... other than unarmed civilians. ..."

Yet she failed to mention the fact that she had not performed forensic testing on the hands of the dead, nor the fact that it was established that the bodies were shot from various distances and directions – and none at close range, which would contradict the version that the deceased were "unarmed civilians" who were summarily executed.
The United Nations is nothing more than a cabal of terrorist dictators, who are constantly conspiring against the rest of us.

The idea that Racak was not a massacre is not just a lunatic conspiracy theory to deny crimes against humanity. The respected Berliner Zeitung published an expose on this subject, and no one has never attempted to prove the critics wrong. Racak was a lie, a false war crime used to justify a massive military intervention (I wouldn't deny other crimes the Serbs are accused of, while I'm sure the Albanian Muslims fabricated as many crimes as they could, I doubt the Serbians were blameless, judging by their past conduct). The interNational Socialists are trying to turn Jenin into another Racak. They wouldn't dare invade Israel militarily, but they would use war crimes trials and economic sanctions to hurt Israel.

Sharon and his cabinet are right to stand up to this abomination and humiliate Kofi Annan before the world.

Get Out of Jail Free

The "sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people" Yasser Arafat will be released under a compromise where the assassins of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi will be held in Palestinian jails, but monitored by Americans and British peacekeepers. It is insanity to send peacekeepers into that region. Most terrorists do hate Israelis more than Americans, but there are a lot of dead Israelis. A dead American would be a real prize.

After everything they found in his compound, they should have burnt it to the ground.

The Los Angeles Times Finally Addresses Media Bias

From Jewish Outlook, Media Are Another Enemy

Major Jewish Rallies Ignored

Several papers have made mistakes--of either omission or commission--in recent weeks, and that has intensified the perception in the Jewish community that the coverage is biased against Israel.

Both the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle, for example, failed to cover major Jewish rallies in their respective cities, and Jewish leaders excoriated them for it.
The Los Angeles Times ran into precisely that reaction when it failed to cover the Israel Independence Day Festival in Van Nuys on April 21 (after having covered the Independence Day celebration in Israel four days earlier). The Van Nuys event, which doubled as a rally to support Israel in the current conflict, was covered by most other media in town and drew more than 40,000 people, including the governor and the mayor.

Times editors say misjudgment and miscommunication led to The Times' failure to cover the event.

"We should have covered it, and it's inconceivable to me that we didn't . . . but it wasn't deliberate," says Miriam Pawel, The Times assistant managing editor for local and state news.

John Carroll, editor of the paper, agrees. "If we didn't want to cover Israel's Independence Day, we wouldn't have had a reporter cover Israel's Independence Day in Israel," he says.
A 40,000-person rally was ignored by the Times. It's pathetic. The San Francisco Chronicle also ignored a pro-Israel rally, their pathetic defense was this:
The paper made a bad call last week.

Last Sunday, thousands of pro-Israel demonstrators from San Francisco to the Salinas Valley gathered at Justin Herman Plaza here to rally peacefully. The event was news (just a week before we carried a report on a pro- Palestinian demonstration with far fewer people). Yet last Monday, the paper didn't have a word on the pro-Israel rally. This wasn't fair and balanced coverage.

There isn't a good explanation for the decision. The event was judged by the usual standards in a city where demonstrations are as common as coffeehouses. The city desk mistakenly decided that it wasn't all that big. And there was no violence. Those may be valid criteria in some cases, but not this one.
You can believe had there been violence by Jews against Arabs, that the Chronicle would have ran this story on the front page! And of course, "the city desk mistakenly decided it wasn't all that big." The commies running the news media always undercount conservatives and inflate the numbers of protesters whose causes they support. The Times attempts to discredit the angry Jews:

Warwick, the foreign editor, attributes some of the Jewish community's criticism to "their own apprehension about what's taking place" on the West Bank--and to their realization that "Israel is losing in the court of world opinion right now."
A lot of liberal Jews probably did believe at the time that Israel might have been doing some terrible things. Of course, this line of reasoning ignores whether or not the coverage is actually biased, but just insults the complainant. It's an ad hominem attack. And us conservatives, who were—as usual—right from the very beginning, were never feeling this cognitive dissonance. We were feeling nothing but rage, rage at the damned liars. This latest offense has caused many—if not most—liberal Jews to move to the right. The next time Israel is slandered in the media, there won't be any defensiveness at all. Only rage.

My Favorite Monster

The armored D-9 bulldozers used by the Israelis are incredible, just incredible. But were they used to carry out a massacre of innocents? No! Human Rights Watch carried out their investigation, and found only one Palestinian was crushed in his own home:
"The majority of those killed," said Peter Bouckaert, a senior researcher at US-based Human Rights Watch posted to Jenin, "were killed by snipers. Only one man, that we know of, was crushed in his home by a bulldozer." Bouckaert, whose group has worked closely with medical teams at Jenin Hospital, believes that very few corpses remain buried beneath the tons of rubble.
I hope this puts to rest the allegations of Israeli war crimes, but I doubt it will. In any case, those civilians were all told by Israel to leave. If they chose not to, then they were choosing to act as human shields, which is a violation of the Geneva Convention. If they were being held hostage by the terrorists, that too is a violation of the Geneva Convention. The terrorists themselves are violating the Geneva Convention because they're dressed as civilians. Only one side is committing war crimes, and only the other side is being accused of them.

Every Day another September 11th

Israel Working to Prevent Two Mega Terror Attacks

( Security forces are in a race against the clock to prevent what intelligence community officials are describing as mega attacks planned in the center of the country.

The GSS (General Security Service – Shin/Bet) has learned that both planned attacks involved extremely large bombs that will be placed in large multi-story buildings, with one being in Tel Aviv. Terrorists are targeting high-rise complexes – structures with many persons inside.
terrorists are working on perpetrating a major attack to 'prove' the military offensive against terrorism did nothing.
As I said earlier: "The intifada cannot be broken directly, it must burn itself out. It gains fuel from every successful attack—without dead Jews, "martyrdom operations" become simple suicides, which are forbidden by the Quran. The Palestinians must know they have absolutely no chance of destroying Israel, or even just forcing a retreat, with terror. They must put aside all delusions and fantasies, and start dealing in reality."

A "mega-attack" or two would show the vitality of the terrorist campaign, and show just how vulnerable Israel was. It would reenergize the entire Palestinian movement.

But the Palestinians would be fools to carry out an attack with so many similiarities to 9/11. The people of America would rally behind the Israelis. Bush would give Sharon the go-ahead to permanently reestablish the occupation. And the occupation would suffocate their movement outright.

The Palestinians are playing a dangerous game, but the answer for them is to keep the violence up, but keep it at a low level. In their situation, massive attacks should be attempted only when the final military battle is at hand. The Vietcong played their hand to quickly with Tet, and almost lost the war for it. Of course, there will be no "final battle," because the IDF won't lose a war, and the Israeli nuclear weapons won't allow the Arabs to win. Since there will be no final battle, there should be no massive attacks, only constant, low-level terror. The Passover Massacre and the subsequent six days of bombing is equivalent to a massive attack. Arafat played his hand too early, and as a result his infrastructure of terror has been gutted.

[update (4:53pm): here is a similar article from the Jerusalem Post]

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