Friday, June 14, 2002

I'm Back

I'm finished with finals, and I've got a few things to blog.

1) In addition to what I said below about Electronic Intifada, I should add this to the refutation of their first true "myth." Someone recently crunched the numbers to show more than three times as many Israeli women civilians died over a certain time period than the number of Palestinian women civilians (about 130 to 40). Unfortunately, I can't find this article, even though I know it's been posted up on the blogosphere somewhere.

2) What I said earlier about Calvin's dad and deregulation, I should add that airline deregulation has saved thousands of lives. By making air travel more affordable, fewer people drive. Air travel is safer, hence lives are saved. But it's not so direct or frightening as death at the hands of a disease, so the people who pushed for airline deregulation generally don't get much credit from the general public for saving lives. So deregulation gets a bad rap because of one overzealous politician, while on the whole it's actually doing a lot of unseen good.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Today is the Nine-Month Anniversary

Not that I'm a fan of constant anniversarizing, but this is an important anniversary. Because in a few days, the terror babies will start popping out.

I was thinking about that this morning, and this afternoon, I saw a very pregnant woman. They're on their way...

Monday, June 10, 2002

HonestReporting Smackdown

HonestReporting shows just how biased the BBC actually is.

Really Bad News

Dawn is reporting a smallpox outbreak in Pakistan (via Instapundit)

The terrifying possibility is that the terrorists are running a test of their new weapon. Assuming this hasn't been spread by terrorists (which seems unlikely), it's still extremely bad news.

Now the terrorists will have an easy time collecting samples of smallpox for their own use. We need large amounts of the smallpox vaccine.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

When Diversity becomes Politically Incorrect

I haven't said anything about the attempted bowdlerizing of New York public school exams (scroll down to "grapes of annoyance") to remove any and all traces of ethnic or cultural identity, even though it really annoyed me.

But a thought worth blogging finally occurred: why did they expend so much effort to "diversify the cannon" and pick writers like Annie Dillard, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Anton Chekhov or William Maxwell if they were then going to remove all traces of ethnicity? Would it still be important to pick a diverse collection of literature if all traces of its diversity were going to be removed? Or could they go back to picking just white males?

Posting May be Sparse, Indefinitely

I've got finals to attend to, and then over the summer I'll have to find a job, which means I won't have all this free time to post and such.

My Sullivan Number has gone Down

I now have a Sullivan Number of two. Sort of.

You see, I don't technically have a permalink on Virginia Postrel's weblog, but because she won't be posting much for the summer, my link will stay near the top of her page. That's good enough for me.

Arafat the Peace-Loving Moderate

From the Jerusalem Post (via Drudge):
In a speech broadcast today, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat threatened that if Israel does not retreat from PA-ruled areas that there will be a "disastrous explosion that will impact stability of the whole world."
This guy is a madman and a terrorist, attempting to hold the whole world hostage. Bush is right to stand up to him, where other "leaders" won't.

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