Saturday, June 22, 2002

This is a Race War

Jews are in a death struggle with the majority of the Muslim world, especially Arabs (and a small number of non-Muslim Arabs).

This is obvious. There is nothing surprising or counter-intuitive about this statement. I am not calling for a race war, I am merely acknowledging that one exists. Jews did not want one, it was thrust on us.

Jews, of all people, should know when they are being targeted for extermination. When he was outfitting his Einsatzgruppen, Jews were told Hitler didn't really mean to slaughter them all. After all, he couldn't, the Germans were near the pinnacle of Western Civilization, the Glorious and Good Civilization that could do no wrong.

Now the Muslims are sharpening their scimitars, raising little children to hate Jews, and preaching that the end times would not come until Muslims exterminated the Jews. And Israel is told to ignore the Muslims. They don't really mean it, you see. After all, the Muslims are non-Western, they're just misunderstood by Orientalists and bigots, they have a wonderful culture that would never do anything so awful as genocide.

The Muslims are setting about to acquire nuclear weapons, they're developing biological and chemical weapons, they're preparing for a final battle with Israel. They've been funding terrorists to distract Israel, to keep it busy, and to undermine it while they prepare for their final strike.

It's time for another thought experiment. Imagine the world without Jews. It's not so hard, is it? When the Muslims have their way, it's going to happen. Not completely, but if they can destroy Israel, they can cut us down to half. And then random acts of terror against the remaining Jews would bring us down even further. And the rest will intermarry, preserving Jewish DNA, but at the cost of diluting it (I'm not a race purist, I'm just pointing out that an independent Jewish ethnic identity will be lost, and with it, an independent Jewish culture).

Based on population sizes during the time of the Roman empire, there should be about 120M Jews alive today. Are Jews doomed to death? If so, at least we should be able to take the filthy, evil religion of Islam with us. I'll bet we could. With the right nuclear strikes, we could wipe out all Muslim holy sites, all major Arab cities, irradiate the entire Middle East, and kill Muslims as far away as Indonesia and Malaysia (maybe even salt their countries with radiation. Islam would almost cease to exist. The Muslims in Europe would go apeshit and riot, and riot, and riot, until they were expelled. Christian missionaries would convert most of the few remaining believers.

Oh, the world would not miss us, left with so many radioactive scars and so much human suffering. But that's okay. I'd rather the world hate us than remember us fondly, if it is going to let us be exterminated (and it is). No more Holocaust Museums. I'd rather we leave the world with "The Great Arabian Glass Desert International Wildlife Refuge Park" where tourists can go on safaris to see five-legged camels and such.

Imagine the world without Jews.

Because that's the path history is on. It's not inevitable, but we've got to do more to avoid it. It would be nice if more people acknowledged that this is the ultimate goal of the vast majority of Muslims (who can't be bothered to criticize the Saudis when they run a TV show with a three-year-old girl calling Jews "apes and pigs").

Imagine the world without Jews or Muslims. That's still depressing, but not quite so much so.

Poor Me, Misunderstood by Mean Liberals

Demosthenes accuses me of being a hysterical racist and paranoid about anti-Semitism:
Then again, they're Arab animals. They deserve whatever they get. And anybody who thinks otherwise is a filthy terrorist-lover. And an Anti-Semite to boot.
For the record, I never said Muslim Arabs were subhuman. Just a malignant threat to Israel's existence. And I don't think most non-Muslim hatred of Israel is motivated by anti-Semitism. I think the idiot Europeans are taking out their post-colonial guilt on Israel. They're looking at Israel as if it's some sort of colony or imperialist venture. This is patently false, until the influx of Russians, most Israeli Jews were Asian Sephardim and not the "white" Ashkenazi. But that's what they believe, Israel is the "white" oppressor and Palestinians are the "people of color." It's political correctness and idiot leftism, but it's not anti-Semitism. There is anti-Semitism in Europe, but it's not the primary driving force of hatred against Israel. Ignorance and stupidity are.

Not that I'm drowning in self-pity (the title is not serious). I knew the cancer thing would provoke. But I don't care. It has to be said. Arab Muslims in Israel are an existential threat. Many of them have to be driven out. This has nothing to do with race, it is entirely a question of religion. If there were a large number of ethnically-Jewish Muslims, and they were carrying out suicide bombings against Israel, I would want them removed as well. To rephrase my point, Islam is a cancer on Israel.

It is an evil religion, a religion of murder (Mohammed had a singer murdered for making fun of him, just one of the countless examples). While there are pleny of examples of evil behavior by Jews in the Old Testament, it is recognized as the work of fallible human beings. Moses is not held up as a perfect role model, Jews are instructed to learn from his mistakes. But Islam holds Mohammed up as "The Prophet," God's last, incorruptible messenger. His wanton killing and acts of mass murder (wiping out whole tribes of people) are not questioned, they are celebrated. For a Muslim to even express doubt about Mohammed's behavior would be to invite extreme retribution by other Muslims. When Salman Rushdie parodied Mohammed as "Mahound," he was Fatwa'ed. When Mel Brooks parodied Moses as bringing the "Fifteen—Ten Commandments," we laughed. When some left-wing jerks put on a play portraying Jesus as having hot gay butt sex with his disciples, our government of this mostly Christian nation defended their right to be royal pricks. When Andres Serrano dunked a crucifix in a bathtub full of urine, American taxpayers footed the bill.

There are a few truly sane strains of Islam, Sufism is the largest one. And there are more moderate Muslims outside the Middle East. But Islam at its core—fundamentalist Islam—is evil, evil, evil. Adding a bunch of saints and other fluff, as Sufism does, largely dilutes this, and brings in positive elements. But Sufism is only good to the extent that it's not true to traditional Islam. Moderate Muslims are only good to the extent that they are lax regarding traditional Islamic teachings. Islam has manifested itself in many ways as a great religion, there have been many great Muslim conquerors and architects and scholars, but its core is rotten in a way that Christianity and Judaism and Buddhism and Hinduism are not. I realize this is all politically incorrect and whatnot, but I'm so far beyond caring what anybody else thinks. I couldn't care less when Demosthenes caricatures my position (it's just too easy to call someone a racist).

[update (6/27 10:53pm): I expand on these comments today]

Friday, June 21, 2002

The Red Cross is Complicit in the Southern African Famine

While demanding money for food aid to the Southern Africans, the Red Cross blames the situation on bad weather, and does not mention at all the political instability in Zimbabwe, which used to be the breadbasket of Southern Africa. It's tacitly understood among left-wingers that no one should ever criticize a left-wing black tyrant like Mugabe. The Red Cross is complicit in this famine because it's done nothing to prevent it from happening in the first place, it's just decided to provide food aid after the fact. It never criticized Mugabe's insane farm-seizing plans, it never warned of the consequences of Mugabe's actions. The Red Cross doesn't exist to allieviate human suffering, it exists to take your money and make people dependent on it. Mugabe is only doing the ICRC a favor by creating this entirely artificial famine.

Ben-Eliezer, the Idiotarian Israeli Minister of Defense

Ben-Eliezer visited a couple of failed suicide bombers to try to understand them. What did he come away with?
``If you ask me what is, in fact, the code that connects them, it is the despair that people come to,'' Ben-Eliezer told Israel Radio on Thursday. ``I don't justify it. I tried in the conversations to go deep, to try and understand the internal processes.''
But in any society, there will always be some desperate, despairing individuals. There are suicides in every single fucking country in the world. Every single one. Even the socialist paradises (actually, their suicide rates are sky-high). But there will be especially high rates of despairing people in rigidly Muslim societies, where even being raped is a death sentence for a woman. Where social isolation is one of the strongest tools for forcing conformity.

Widespread despair isn't the issue at all. There have been about 70 suicide bombings so far, which is a large number, but 70 despairing Arabs in all of Israel is a relatively small number, out of a population of four million inside and outside of the territories. You could find 70 despairing kids in any large American high school. It wouldn't be hard, if you had control of society, to condition them all to become suicide bombers (suicide bombers go through a long period of cult-like indoctrination for their act, to ensure they will be able to carry it out).

It should also be noted that both of the bombers motivated by despair were failures. More typical is Mohammed the Ghoul, who was a graduate student at a Palestinian university. Was he "desperate?" No. He thought his death would advance his political cause.
"How beautiful it is to make my bomb shrapnel kill the enemy. How beautiful it is to kill and to be killed - not to love death, but to struggle for life, to kill and be killed for the lives of the coming generation"
Even for the bombers who are motivated by desparation, that alone isn't enough. Bombers don't operate alone, there is a whole bureaucracy of terror to provide them with explosives and instructions for their target. To talk about despair without talking about the sophisticated terror machinery which recruits and arms bombers is to miss the issue completely.

Ben-Eliezer is encouraging terror against Israelis by downplaying the hate behind terrorist strikes (even while claiming he isn't doing just that)—and he's their Minister of Defense. It certainly explains a lot about the Israeli situation. If Labor was out and a Moledet man was in that position, imagine how safe Israelis would be!

Semites as "Cancer"

What I said was that Israeli Arabs are a threat to Israel, in that their presence makes terrorist attacks much easier to carry out, and they also present a demographic threat. So I want most of them moved out. But what do the Saudis think? They think Jews are a cancer on the whole world. They want all Jews dead and gone. I just want Arabs out of one specific country, in which they have behaved atrociously, and to which they represent an existential threat.

I understand for a Jew to liken any people in the world to "cancer" is obscene, after the Holocaust. But as I said earlier, I'm beyond caring. If you want to call me a Judeo-Nazi (as C. self-identified), go ahead. I won't be offended, I know what the word really means, it means a Jew who would rather kill than be killed. It means a Jew who would rather repeat Deir Yassin than repeat the Passover Massacre. Nobody should be ashamed to fight for the right to be alive. Israel should only be ashamed to have such hate for "Judeo-Nazis" like Irgun and LEHI, who chased the Arabs out. As I said, I don't want anyone to die, I just want them moved out. But I won't cry over spilled Arab blood.

The Palestinians aren't fighting for the right to live in their half of Palestine, they're fighting to rid "Palestine"—and the world—of Jews. The terrorists aren't interested in "peace"—only an idiot Frenchman would think something like that. If the terrorists want peace, why did Fatah (Arafat's group) bomb a medical station outside Efrat established by Jews to treat Arabs? (read that article, it's critical to the rest of this post) The terrorists do everything they can to prevent peace, and I would include Arafat in this grouping.

The problem of Palestine, as illustrated by the ambulance example above, is that it's ruled by terrorists who don't want peace. Arafat has just agreed to the Clinton/Barak plan. But who cares? The whole premise of the "peace process" is Land for Peace. Israel has shown its willingness to give land, Palestinians have never tried to make peace. The leadership has done everything it could to stall and sabotage the peace process, including Arafat's group carrying out a terror bombing the day before Powell arrived in Jerusalem.

My Peace Proposal

The only solution is to completely reinstate the occupation, in a form more severe than ever before. It must be brought under Israel's heel, every village totally isolated from the next, with Arabs chosen and appointed by Israel to serve as the local government figureheads. Religious leaders who preach war against the Jews must also be arrested. Why is free speech so important for the Palestinians if it's not necessary in Europe? How can Europeans complain if Israel adopts their draconian race hate laws and forces them on the Palestinians? Is that "occupation?" If so, all of Europe is occupied.

If the Palestinians never change, they should be occupied forever. They can pay the price for their own love of terror, Israel should not be ashamed to defend itself. But when individual villages and cities begin to show signs of sanity, they might be granted greater autonomy. Curfews would be cancelled, roads would be reopened. As the Palestinians came to want peace, they would be allowed to live in peace. When the process of reforming them was complete (this could take generations, but so what?) they could be given their own state along something resembling the '67 borders.

If the occupation is unsuccessful in stopping terrorism (it won't be, it will be more pervasive than Operation Defensive Shield, and it will be round-the-clock, permanently), they could be transferred (that's the euphemism for ethnic cleansing, pushing the Palestinians into Jordan and Egypt). But Israel should at least try to make peace before expelling them. It's time to return to the occupation, to make one last attempt at peace, before doing what Israel should have done in '67.

Just ask yourself: why was there an occupation? Because Israel didn't expel the Palestinians, it let them stay! The occupation is proof of Israel's good will. The people who became "settlers" did not choose to occupy Palestinian land, they wanted it entirely for Jews. That the occupation ever happened is evidence of Israel's brain-dead left-wing do-gooderism, not any malice or right-wing tendencies. The entire idea behind the occupation was that a free society could be created for Arabs, within which they would come to love Israel. That's clearly a wild left-wing delusion.

What I am proposing is not a free society (the Israelis before refused to arrest Imams who called for the genocide of Jews, but allowed them to speak freely). What I am proposing is that the Palestinians be brought into line, and forced to make their choice, between occupation and freedom (I make no illusions about the benevolent nature of the occupation, its brutality should be its main peacemaking virtue). Surely there were enough good times under Oslo that the Palestinian people would prefer peace to a permanent unwinnable war with Israel. If not? Well, that's their loss, not Israel's.

Israel has suffered enough in its neoimperialist quest to "save" these filthy savages. It's an imperialism of values. It's the condescending belief that left-wing Israelis have, that they could make the Arabs love them. "The Jewish Man's Burden," if you will, to civilize the Middle East. It's time to respect that the Arabs have their own filthy death-loving culture, and that they can't be redeemed by love. Israel needs to stop pretending to be Jesus and start acting more like Mohammed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The End of the Oslo Illusion

Most Israelis thought, for the past decade, that a Palestinian state was inevitable, and that policy should be focused on bringing this about in the best possible way, and accepting necessary sacrifices towards this end. Even I was thinking this way for the past few months. But I've become disabused of this false notion. (of course, the title of this post is a reference to Krauthammer's speech, which has had a strong effect one me.) I've also stopped worrying about the Palestinians' rights. I think this is the Lileksian phenomenon known as "The dog ate my care" (in other Lileks-related news, he mentions in his bleat today something I talk about later in this post)

Israel tried creating a just society with the occupation, giving the Palestinians more freedom than ever before. But that didn't work. Israel tried Oslo. But that didn't work. Israel tried Operation Defensive Shield. But that isn't working in the long term. The next step is to slowly resume the occupation, piece by piece, which is what I hope Sharon is doing (related bloggage: USS Clueless)

There's only one solution to the Israel/Palestine issue, and that's to push all undesirable Arabs within the borders of Israel out, into Jordan and Egypt. No Arabs means no terrorism, it means heightened security and control over natural resources like water and holy sites like Tomb of Joseph (which was destroyed by Arab animals, they would destroy every other Jewish site if they could). It means defensible borders, and the ability to purchase a cup of coffee without fearing for their lives.

There's only one solution, and that's the Kuwaiti Solution. After the Gulf War, the Kuwaitis ethnically cleansed their country of several hundred thousand Palestinians. Smart move. Even the other Arabs know they don't want Palestinian filth in their countries. Why do you think Jordan is so friendly to Israel? Because it doesn't want Israel to do exactly what I'm suggesting, and because it's so weak militarily.

And Jordan is Israel's best Arab friend. Israel's only other "friend" is Egypt, which isn't attacking because it's still being paid off by Jimmy Carter. Every day Americans go off to work, and every day a portion of our paychecks is being stolen by the government to prop up the dictatorship in Egypt. And aside from not outright attacking Israel militarily, Egypt does nothing for Israel. Its government-controlled press prints things praising Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.

This is the extent of Arab "friendship" and the Arabian wish for "peace"—they're a bunch of cowardly, Jew-hating opportunists who for now pretend to be peacemakers, but would turn on Israel in a heartbeat.

Israel will never receive love or even tolerance from the Arabs. If this does eventually come about a thousand years from now, that's all well and good, but for practical purposes Israel should stop trying to appease them.

Why appease Egypt and Jordan by not forcing the Palestinians onto them? What would Jordan do, attack Israel? Its armed forces would be slaughtered. What would Egypt do? Its army would fare better, but Israel could destroy the Aswan high dam, creating a flood of biblical proportions, killing 60 million Egyptians with one strike. With 90% of the population gone, the country would fall apart. Israel has nothing to fear from either country. It should be only afraid of Iraq and Iran, and their unconventional weapons.

Who wants Palestinians in their country? Nobody. So why should Israel have to have them?

As I said above, Kuwait expelled two to three hundred thousand Palestinians after the Gulf War (they had sided mostly with Saddam, as had Arafat). But it's not just Kuwait. Egypt doesn't want them. It refused Israel's offer to take control of the Gaza Strip. Jordan doesn't want them (they were expelled after they tried to overthrow King Hussein). Lebanon doesn't want them, it won't let them work, it keeps them trapped in refugee camps. Saudi Arabia doesn't want them (except maybe as servants). Nobody wants Palestinians in their country, and there's a damn good reason.

The Coming Change in Left Thinking About Israel / Why I Love Hamas

Sharon's plan is to continue to expand Israeli control over Palestinian areas until the occupation is resumed. But only if the terrorism continues; if it stops, he will withdraw.

I would like to be able to say this is the Palestinians "last chance" to save their state, but only a fool would believe that. Israeli leftists will never stop giving them chances to kill Jews.

That left thinking will never change. But the way left-wingers describe the Israeli/Palestinian dynamic will. While right now left-wingers love to turn a blind eye to Hamas' bus bombings, in the future, they will blame Hamas as "dupes" of Sharon who gave him the ability to sieze Palestinian land. They will blame Israel for creating and funding Hamas, and claim Israel used Hamas to destroy the Palestinians.

Of course, Israel funded Hamas to weaken the PLO. It thought (correctly) that a weak PLO would be more likely to negotiate a peace agreement. It thought (incorrectly) that the peace would be honored. Israel's critics will never put this in context. Instead, they will adopt the Michael Rivero stance of claiming Hamas is the tool of an Israel that uses bombings to seize Palestinian land. They will never admit Israel expect Arafat to wipe out Hamas. They will also stop mentioning the fact that Arafat's Al-Aksa Murder Brigades carried out most of the bombings during this current Intifada. They will "forget" this.

So when Israel restarts the occupation, the whack-job left-wingers will claim Israel likes Hamas. Remember this, the next time you hear some filthy terrorist-lover spouting off about how much they love Hamas. Support for Hamas is support for a return to Occupation, and possibly for "transfer."

So, conservatives, get ahead of the curve. Start supporting Hamas today, before the lefties start denouncing it!

Hmmm... as I write this, I'm beginning to have doubts. Would left-wingers ever come out against anyone killing Israelis? They're not going to let Israel trick them into taking up an anti-terror position. They love terror because it violates conservative norms and has a stunning emotional impact on its victims. They love terror because of its "revolutionary" power. I don't think they'll ever come out against terrorism by their favorite groups.

I do know that Israel will have to cleanse itself of the Islamic cancer, forcing the Muslim Arabs and other undesirables into other countries. If there is a return to the occupation, Israel will be accused of acting like South Africa. Segregation is the only way for Israelis to be safe (every Muslim is a possible bomber, so screw them all), but Israel cannot exist as an apartheid state. Of course, the difference between Israel and South Africa are many. The South Africans created their system to exploit the blacks, the Israelis created theirs for security. The South African system was based on racism, the Israeli occupation was entered into very reluctantly, and Israel made a real and voluntary effort to get rid of the occupation and make peace. I'm not saying Israel is anything like South Africa, but that's already the left's favorite analogy.

Just getting rid of the Palestinians entirely would make things a lot easier. Why didn't they do it in '67 or '73? Because they were do-gooder liberal jerks, instead of steel-hearted Arab-killers like Sharon and C., the self-described "Judeo-Nazi," two real Israeli heroes. Even though the link says the interview is with Sharon, it is a Muslim lie. Sharon and the person interviewed are two separate people, according to the interviewer Amos Oz, a founding member of Peace Now.

Left-wing Israelis will be the death of Israel. What is needed is real leadership from Sharon. Someone has to say it, Muslim Arabs are a cancer on Israel, they must be excised. Not exterminated, not eradicated, and not uncompensated for their being forced out (okay, the Europeans can compensate them, Israel shouldn't give them a dime). But they've got to go. Kahane was Right.

[oh, and please don't point me towards any cliched articles from Ha'aretz about some Israeli Arab Muslim doctor who treats all patients, Jews and Arabs, without respect to their ethnicity or religion, as proof that Israelis and Palestinians can live together. Please don't tell me "peace is the only answer," because that's bullshit. Absolute and total bullshit. Peace is not the only answer, Israel has many options, and living with regular suicide bombings, as any "peace" would entail, is not "peace." Gentlemen may cry peace, peace, and all that, but there is no peace. And there won't be. Please also don't send me any trite anti-racism propaganda. I am not a racist, and I am not a religious bigot. I have no hostility towards Arabs who aren't trying to kill me, and great respect for the non-evil strains of Islam, such as Sufi mysticism.]

Monday, June 17, 2002

Scott Shuger is Dead

I always liked what he wrote. This is terrible. (via Instapundit)

Sunday, June 16, 2002

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