Friday, July 26, 2002

Does Anyone Really Believe the Palestinians were close to a Ceasefire?

I don't buy it for a second. For starters, even if they had been close a ceasefire, it would have been worthless because they wouldn't have honored it. From this follows logically that agreeing to a ceasefire would only hurt the Palestinians, because when they carried out their next attack, the world would turn on them (and they would carry out more attacks eventually). Which is why I doubt they were really going to sign one.

Other people doubt it, too.

Posting has been Light

But my computer is still dead, and I'm cannibalizing the whole thing for parts, and building a new one... with a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks set to mode 1 (two hard drives that mirror each other, so even if one dies, I keep my data). Well, maybe "inexpensive" is the wrong word, they were $100 each, but they each had 8MB of buffer. I don't know exactly what that means, but the box says it's fast.

Why Israel Took Out Shehada

He was planning a "Mega-Attack." They had to take him out, sooner rather than later.

If we could have taken out bin Laden before September 11th, and we knew it was coming, we would have. We would have done everything possible to stop them.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Better to Escalate than become Trapped

In a low-level cycle of violence.

Israel's assassination of a big-shot terrorist pig, including massive (by Israeli standards) collateral damage, is a grievous escalation in the intensity of the violence. Before, Israel would have accepted the terror bombings as minor events, and retaliated with minor strikes. But now Sharon is sending a message to the Palestinians: No amount of terror is acceptable.

Sharon's determination and forcefulness will save Israeli lives, which, frankly, is all that matters now. There's no point in trying to spare the Palestinians, they've brought all this on themselves, they can at least face the consequences of their little intifada, instead of constantly being cushioned by the Israelis. When Israel wants to take out a terrorist cowardly hiding behind civilians, it should. Let the civilians learn not to stand next to terrorists.

One Month Ago

I called bin-Eliezer an "idiotarian" for claiming suicide bombers were motivated by "despair." Maybe he's gotten better, since then he's changed his story. Now he says every single failed suicide bomber he interviewed claimed to have been inspired by Yasser Arafat.

He could have, you know, brought this up, um, maybe a month ago?

Better late than never, though.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse

The Al-Aksa Murder Brigades have threatened to kill family members of Israeli politicians, if the Israelis forcibly move the families of suicide bombers to Gaza.

But I am a big believer in reciprocity. For example, when Palestinian terrorist pigs attack an Israeli wedding or funeral, the Israeli leadership should request an apology from the group that committed the act, and public denunciations of the act from all other terror groups. If this did not take place, the Israelis would declare Palestinian weddings or funerals to be "fair game" for security forces to hunt terrorists.

If the masked terrorists wanted to cynically use children as human shields as they marched through the streets carrying the corpse of a killer... well, 500-pound gravity bombs have a tendency to go right through them, and still take out the terrorists.

What would the terrorists do? Get down on their knees and apologize? Of course it would be a hollow and meaningless apology, but that's not the point.

When a terrorist says once he wants to kill Jews, and ten times that he wants to live in peace, the Israelis assume he's a terrorist. But if he says ten times that he wants to kill Jews, and once that he wants to make peace, the Europeans assume he's a peacemaker, and the Arabs assume he's a sellout.

Making the terrorists issue apologies is more a means of getting the terrorists onto their knees, than anything else. Humiliating the terrorists would hurt their stature in the Palestinian areas (when Arafat gave in to Israel and handed over the terrorists in exchange for his release from Ramallah, his popularity plummeted).

Still, it would be funny if a few of Shimon Peres's relatives were taken out. Like I said earlier, the man needs to experience some consequences for his actions. Maybe he wouldn't be so quick to offer the terrorists another chance at entering Israel if it were his relatives' necks on the line. If he wants to be high priest of the cult of human sacrifice, he can at least have the decency to sacrifice his own family, instead of other peoples'.

See? Kill Enough of them, and...

Military resistance to Islamofascism? It works.

Now this is just Disgusting


The Danger Within

Israeli Arabs were apparently involved in a bombing attempt, when a car exploded prematurely in an Arab neighborhood of Jaffa (via the LGF news ticker), a town just south of Tel Aviv.

Israeli Arabs have traditionally not aided terrorists beyond marching in demonstrations against Israel. But as Israeli security tightens, terrorists might make greater use of Israeli Arabs as a way of bypassing the wall between Israel and the Palestinian Authority areas (I said below they would expend more effort in trying to sneak bombers in, rather than on sheer volume or quality of the bombers).

The Cult of Human Sacrifice

Now the bloodsucking vampire Peres wants to kill a few more Jews in order to prove to the world that Israel is the good guy in all this. Of course, it's not a big deal for Peres, because he doesn't have to take the bus like all the little people. He doesn't have to live with the consequences of his decisions.

Israel was born fighting cults of human sacrifice, and thousands of years later, the only thing that's changed is that now Jews practice it too. Everyone knows the Muslims who call for suicide bombers to appease Allah are members of a cult of human sacrifice, but so are Sharon and Peres. Peres thinks the more Jews he can sacrifice, the more he can show the Europeans Israel is in the right. Sharon the politician is willing to sacrifice a few soldiers in Jenin rather than bombing it from the air for the same reason.

But we shouldn't worry, the PA is serious about coming down hard on terror. It says it's asking Hamas and Islamic Jihad to halt terror attacks. Asking, not telling.

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