Saturday, August 03, 2002

News from Israel

The family deportation plan must be a good idea, two suicide bombers surrenderred to Israeli officials citing fear their family home would be harmed.

Two explosives laboratories were found and destroyed by Israel when it reoccupied occupied Nablus (only Israel could be guilty of a sin so heinous as double occupation!)

A three-hundred pound bomb was found and destroyed by Israeli security forces. That would easily have destroyed a Merkava tank.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

It's not Ineptitude if they meant to do it

Instaman calls the Palestinian terrorists inept for their failure to kill any Israelis, netting only foreigners. But why did they plant the bomb then in an area frequented mostly by foreigners? Why did they carry out one of their last bombings against foreign workers? (I remember a Romanian saying he was taking his family back to his home country, after being near the blast). These are not accidents, they are deliberate.

The terrorists are targeting non-Israelis, to drive them out of the country. Israel's strength comes from her links with the rest of the world; alone Israel is without the natural resources needed to sustain itself as a high-tech economy. It doesn't even have oil. It relies on trade with other nations.

I would say "expect the next attack to be against foreign businessmen," but most suicide bombing attempts end in failure, so I'll bet the Palestinians have already tried to do that, and are still trying. And foreign businessmen know they are in danger, I assume they don't congregate anywhere without a lot of security.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Should I be Surprised? Because I'm not

The "Reverend" Jackson is going to meet with Sheik Ahmed Yassin of HAMAS.

At least he says he's going to beg the Palestinians to stop being terrorists.

Will they listen to him? If they won't listen to Sharon's F-16s, they're not going to listen to a blowhard like Jackson.

Muahahaha Part 2

Okay, don't be jealous of me. Though I've got my new computer running (I'm posting from it now using a wireless keyboard), it's not working as well as it could, and I've had quite a time installing it.

Did you know if you want to use Highpoint RAID on your boot drive(s) you must install the drives into IDE port 3/4 and then edit your Bios telling the computer to boot up from SCSI? Isn't that fascinating?

At least I can run the thing, even with about a 25% loss in performance from what it should have. I think I've still got a few complicated BIOS issues to deal with...

Monday, July 29, 2002


I'm not going to cannibalize my old computer. We're going to keep that one. Which means... I get to buy a lot more for my new computer.

Are you jealous yet?

I can't understate just how nice the shiny aluminum case looks. It beats the plastic ivory any day. I also can't understate how lucky I was, picking the right components. The 645DX is perfect for me, it's fast and has lots of the features I was looking for, and it was cheap, the only downside is that it doesn't overclock very well (which I never intended to do). I also accidentally bought an ATX case (which it turns out I needed). I knew I wanted a big case, but I didn't know I needed one.

Now the only big things left are a CPU and a graphics card. I'm off to scour the web to see what kind of card Doom III will want me to have. I can't wait for that game, I saw three screenshots somewhere and now I'm building a computer for it...

[update (12:41am) "go buy GeForce 3 or better" That's it? I'm almost disappointed, I wanted an excuse to get something top-of-the-line.]

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