Friday, August 09, 2002

The New York Times is Biased to the Right

Just kidding! I hate it when people say silly things like that.

Just look at this article, entitled "Sharon Calls Palestinians 'Corrupt Terrorists'" in which Sharon refers to the Palestinian Authority, not the Palestinian people, as corrupt terrorists.

Headlines are written by the editors, not the reporters, so they are the best indicator of bias in a newspaper.

Could you imagine the NYT writing a headline like that about a Palestinian instead of an Israeli? They wouldn't. They write slanted headlines to make Sharon look like a racist. He wasn't attacking all Palestinians, just the Palestinian Authority, the headline is grossly misleading, to the point where I would not believe it has an honest explanation.

Now run along you little commies and anarchists and whatever else you are and stop trying to claim the NYT is biased to the right because it's a corporation. The NYT corporation is held very closely by a few families, it's more a mafia than a private enterprise.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

The Ultimate Smackdown

When I first read "what we're fighting for," I dismissed it as common sense and wondered if it really said anything at all. Who doesn't believe in the "just war" doctrine? I know some people don't, but I can't take them at all seriously, I really couldn't care less what they think, so a whole essay defending freedom, opposing fundamentalist murder, and supporting the just war doctrine seemed... worthless. Who cares what a bunch of whacked-out college professors think?

But it wasn't a futile act, because it provoked a response, which the authors were able to rebut magnificently.

Which sort of surprised me. It shouldn't have, of course. Just because I don't take the nutty professors seriously doesn't mean they don't take themselves seriously.

The authors of "What We’re Fighting For" are, like Instapundit says, delivering an ultimate Fisking. They are masters, the way they are able to take a complex phrase like "as a consequence of the instability of the balance of power in the present unipolar world order," untwist it, and then mercilessly mock the loonies, who don't have a leg to stand on once their prose is rewritten in plain English. I was surprised they wrote a response (I shouldn't have been); I'm not surprised they wrote it in a convoluted manner and dodged WWFF's arguments. But the Fighting For people don't let them weasel out of anything.

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