Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Thank Goodness for the Lobbyists!

This never would have happened in America, thanks to Our Friends the computer lobbyists. I never thought I would be praising lobbyists, but they actually do serve a beneficial function in our democracy sometimes, by preventing really stupid laws like this from being passed.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Violence and Morality

I am not a pacifist. I do not believe nonviolence is always morally superior to taking "direct action"

to solve a problem.

Obviously, Alley Writer Yack is not a pacifist either. Calling for the death of innocent Muslims to get a point across about terror isn't just barbaric, it's also futile.

A major justification for the intifada is that it was to convince Israel to notice the Palestinians' suffering. But it only strengthened Israeli resolve to do what was necessary to achieve security.

Killing Israelis has not achieved the goal of making them more open and understanding and left-wing. Quite the opposite has occurred, and there is no reason to believe different would happen by killing Muslims.

Killing a large number of innocent Muslim civilians won't show them that terror is wrong. On the contrary, it will show them that terror is RIGHT, that terror is employed not just by them, but by their enemies. That they are in a terrorist war and that all means are justified. Terrorizing Muslim civilians would only push them towards supporting the terrorists, there isn't a chance it would teach them the evils of terror.

That's my purely utilitarian argument, as any other would probably fail to reach Yack. Taking a moral stance against him would only give him the opportunity to proclaim himself a brave dissentor from rigid politically correct orthodoxy martyred for his direct nature etc. etc. etc.

Homer Blogs

It's true. I saw it myself, on the TV.

Do Not...

Mix Soyo motherboards and Western Digital hard drives. They're both fine products, apparently, but they don't work well together.

Put too much coolant compound on your CPU--when you take the fan out, it will come out of the ZIF socket with it.

Bother to straighten the pins on the bottom of your CPU and re-insert it into the motherboard. It won't work


order new motherboard BEFORE breaking the first one (check)

order new CPU BEFORE breaking the first one (did not do)

But I showed that computer for letting me break it. I ordered a better motherboard and a better CPU and bought a new hard drive. So there.

And in a couple years, I'll put the cash down for an 8x AGP graphics card, and a couple serial hard drives for RAID.

(it should be sort of obvious, but the lack of postings is due to my ongoing computer troubles)

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