Thursday, October 24, 2002

The last update, ever

Yeah, I quit, I just don't have the time, so I should end it for good.

But a few last things: the leaderless resistance I was worried about continues (first Hadayet, now Mohammed the Sniper)... not on the scale I thought it would, but this sniper incident could open the floodgates by providing so much publicity.

The guy I saw wasn't Hadayet. The guy who made terrorist threats continues to attend or work for the university (or just come to a lot of Muslim Student Union events).

The bestest peace plan ever for the mideast: Israel should withdraw completely from the Palestinian areas, and not cross the border to attack or even gather intelligence. It should hand the territories over to the UN, and tell Kofi Annan he has 4 or 5 years to straighten things out. Israel will only take military action against terrorists on the other side of its borders if the UN asks. Israel won't interfere at all in the Palestinian areas, unless the UN asks.

And when 4-5 years are up, and the terror hasn't ended, and the new Palestinian government (or UN dictatorship) wasn't making a geniune effort for peace, Israel should take as much of the Palestinian territory as it needs for security. (hint: the proximity of the West Bank to the middle of Israel means NONE of it can remain in Palestinian hands if terrorists are launching Katyusha rockets from it; Israel would have to take the whole West Bank). So Israel could give the Palestinians one last chance, and then end the whole problem for good.

There is no way ANYONE could realistically accuse Israel of sabotaging the peace plan, because Israel would completely extricate itself from the territories and leave it up to the UN to run.

Israel would suffer a lot during those 4-5 years, but it would build up an immense resolve during that time, the resolve necessary to engage in ethnic cleansing, and the rest of the world (the UN) would not be able to criticize Israel because they would be the ones in charge of stopping Palestinian terrorists.

It's such a beautiful plan, and the best part is, it actually has a chance of working, because Palestinians might get so scared of losing their Last Chance (they know they're not going to get any more after that), so they might actually make peace, which would be even more incredible.

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