Saturday, June 01, 2002

I went to a "Shooting Sports Fair" Today

And I had a blast. In any case, the Ruger Mini-14 and the Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad Rifle were a lot of fun. I never got around to shooting revolvers, shotguns, bolt-action or pump rifles. Mostly I shot all sorts of pistols, from the heavy classic 1911s to the newer handguns with lightweight polymer frames, all of them for the first time (I've only shot .22s and a Beretta 92F before, and I already know I hate the 92F so I didn't bother with Beretta's booth).

I couldn't tell the difference between compact, full-size, and long slide handguns. I could only barely tell the difference between 9x19mm, .40S&W, .45ACP, and 10x25mm. I definitely prefer the lightweight, polymer guns, even though I couldn't tell the difference between a Glock, USP, P7, SIG, or a Walther. I know the difference between all of these guns, I can easily tell them apart visually, but they all seemed to feel just the same in my hand, weigh the same amount, and shoot the same. All the different models were just one big blur, I don't have much preference between them.

Actually, that's not true. XD didn't do anything special for me, and the G34 kept jamming (and it was completely my fault, not the weapon's), though I had no problems with any other weapons, even the G20 (which was in a more powerful caliber).

The only thing I'm qualified to rank are their aesthetics, so here they are in descending order:
The Walthers look the nicest, The USPs looked the most serious, the SIG was menacing, and the Glocks are ugly in a bland way, to a degree that a photograph cannot fully convey. The XD's look like they just stepped off the short bus. Ugly is okay for a gun, but stupid-looking is not. [to clarify, I consider Glocks to be ugly, not stupid-looking, and I would be happy to own one]

The Walther's little brother, the P22, was very light and easy to aim. I just picked it up and started knocking out targets. I've got to get me one of those (and they were just added to the list of legal firearms in California). Suckers are cheap, too, less than $300. Like I said, I have got to get me one of those (before 2003, when the draconian new law goes into effect).

I'll bet my Canadian readers are shaking their heads and saying "crazy Americans."

[update (6/2 12:06): I should also comment on the "human" side of the sports fair.

When I arrived, one of the first people I saw was wearing an "Earth First" shirt. This bothered me quite a bit, because "Earth First" is a terrorist organization. If those sorts of people were running around, maybe the Commie Mommies were right about gun shows. Of course, the back of his shirt said, "we'll hunt the other planets later" (this doesn't make much sense, as there are no animals on other planets. the original joke was, "we'll pave the other planets later."). This put me at ease.

When the lady running the Glock booth asked "what model do you want to fire," I said (with the straight face) "the Glock Eighteen." She didn't even crack a smile, she just said "no." I don't know if she realized I was kidding.

Everyone was friendly and polite, there were no scary types. Of course, real gun shows (where people are allowed to sell their own weapons) often attract less desirable types, but this "sports fair" was very wholesome. There was no skinhead literature or "make your own pipe bombs" pamphlets or anything else to creep decent people out.]

[update (6/4 3:40am): the XD is actually a very nice pistol, even if it looks really stupid. When I say it didn't do anything special for me, keep in mind that was the first weapon I had shot in about nine months (the Springfield Armory booth was the first one I went to), and I wasn't really paying attention, because I went to the booth to shoot one of their nice-looking 45s. Maybe I was unfair to the pistol, it has a lot of redeeming qualities (the dumb-looking name "X-treme Duty" apparently actually means something, XDs are very durable.)]

Okay, Okay, I admit it. I did it on Purpose.

Jim Treacher found out his site was ranked #1 on Google for "scott baio and jesus christ having gay sex." I admit it, I was the one who typed those words into Google.

I went through Treacher's page to find a combination of exotic keywords that Google would pick up on, and then clicked the link (which registered the dirty search phrase on SiteMeter, where Treacher could see it)... I knew he was watching his counter, so I thought I'd mess with his head.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

In Order to Attract More Arabian Web Surfers:

Jewish Women Nude Naked Jew Whores Lady Jews Undressed Without Burqas Indecent Semitic Debauchery
I've decided to dedicate this to a very special Saudi web surfer who was kind enough to visit my site looking for "Saudi Sluts."

[update (5/31 5:21am): I'm adding the word phot, people seem to misspell "photo" very often. Misspelled words are clearly the way to rack up hits with Google.]

San Francisco State University Little Hitler Watch

More on the SFSU controversy (via PejmanPundit)

The bastards are trying to sweep this under the rug, and with good reason. What's going on now at SFSU is damning to the "peace" movement.

Peaceful Coexistence Watch

Palestinian man, Jewish wife confess to aiding Rishon bomber

Israel needs to round up all of the Arabs who don't fit the over-repeated stereotype (an Arab doctor who makes no distinction between treating Arabs and Jews—how many times have you heard that one?), and send them to "Palestine." All of the bad Arabs should go, but it should keep the good ones. And it definitely should not accept any "right of return" by Palestinian refugees! The fewer the number of Arabs in Israel, the safer it will be.

And it should give serious thought to deporting "peace activist" Jews like Marina Pinski. If they like Arabs so much, they can live in an Arab country.

This is not to say that such an expulsion would not be met with territorial surrenders, some settlements would have to be sacrificed in exchange. But it's only fair. Why should Israel have to live with hateful, disloyal Arabs within its borders? (I'm not calling all Israeli Arabs hateful and disloyal, I'm wondering why the ones that are aren't expelled.) It's a simple matter of security.

[update (6/1 11:05pm): the woman was using false identification, she was not really Pinksi. She was a Ukranian whore who stole Pinski's identity.

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Arming Pilots

Because guns are always the right answer.

HappyFunPundit struggles with the issue, while George Will interviews three veteran pilots opposed to arming pilots.

Their arguments strike me as deeply flawed. Most of what the pilots say is that we would be better off with steel cockpit doors instead of handguns for pilots. But why can't we have both? Their argument is the same old, tired warning about gun-crazy "cowboys:"
Another potential problem with arming America's 120,000 commercial airline pilots is what one of the three pilots here calls, with no demurral from the other two, "cowboys or renegade pilots." Many commercial pilots began their flying careers as fighter pilots. Two of the three speaking here this day did. One of them says: There is some truth to the profile of fighter pilots as, well, live wires and risk-takers. Arming them might incite them to imprudent bravery. Armed pilots would be more inclined to go out into the cabin, whereas the primary goal should be getting the plane to the ground.
The pilots would have the option to go into the cabin or to land. It would be their choice. How could anyone be against giving pilots more options? Only if they think airline pilots pilots are not responsible enough to handle having a gun. If they're not capable of handling a gun, we shouldn't let them handle a 747. And, as HFP notes, the terrorists might be able to force a pilot out of the cockpit:

Locked cockpit doors are also a weak deterrent. As long as pilots have to go to the bathroom, and as long as they are responsible for the safety of the flight, they need access to the cabin. That means terrorists can get to them. All a terrorist has to do is start a lavatory fire, and the cockpit door will open. There are other ways to trick the pilots into coming out by setting off cockpit indicators.
(I don't know how possible it is to start a fire on an airplane, but there could be other ways to force the pilot out.)

Both HFP and the pilots both claim that using "a handgun effectively in a crowded cabin under chaotic circumstances is very difficult." But is it? Assuming the doors are barred, the pilots would have enough time while the terrorists attempt to break them down to draw their handguns. The terrorists would be right behind the doors once they came open (assuming they came open). They would be easy targets. Any time the terrorists are at close range, they would be easy targets (they would never be able to attain the element of surprise).

While HFP claims "It takes a perfect shot to stop an assailant with one bullet fired from a handgun. There have been cases where a police officer has shot a charging maniac four, five, or six times, and had the assailant keep on coming." It doesn't take a "perfect" hit to stop someone. I'll grant if they were dodging and weaving in the narrow aisle, it might be hard to hit them in the face. That's why you shoot them twice in the chest or the legs, and then when they're on the ground, and then shoot them in the head if need be (or take them alive, if it's just as well). Modern handguns fire can be fired very rapidly, and can hold large amounts of ammunition (a Glock 17 has a 17-round capacity; an H&K MP7 has a 40-round capacity).

I would assume armed pilots to be much more effective than armed Air Marshalls. As HFP says, "One only needs to look at the stringent training requirements for air marshals to get a sense of the difficulty involved... air marshals rely heavily on being undercover and having the element of surprise." It would seem to me that air marshalls would be in more of a position to lose their firearm in a fistfight than a pilot. Pilots can hide behind steel doors until they're ready to take on the terrorists, but an air marshall would have to react immediately. And I would bet air marshalls are not impossible to spot. Just look for the guy with the thick neck.

The solution for me seems simple: arm the pilots, then put them behind a very strong door with a CCTV camera to watch the cabin.

HappyFunPundit has some other interesting solutions which would also help to combat hijacking. His conclusions are worth repeating:
Terrorists look for soft targets. An airplane with an unknown number of people who are willing to come to the defense of the aircraft and who are even marginally trained in how to do it complicates the hijacker's planning and lowers their chance of success. Lower it enough, and they will look for other targets.

If the strength of our society is our freedom, we should be looking at ways to make it work for us in the defense of the country, rather than replacing it with central authorities and restrictions on liberty. The way to defend a free society is to allow citizens to turn themselves into hard targets. More concealed carry permits, more training programs for citizens, more decentralization of emergency services and critical infrastructure.

There are too many targets for a central security apparatus to protect, and all the terrorists need to find is the weakest link. You can't win that game. By giving the citizens the tools they need to defend themselves and the training and guidance to show them how to do it, you make every target a little bit 'harder'.

Critical installations still need to be protected by the government, but the rest is our responsibility, and our duty. Our strength is our freedom - we should build on that instead of restricting it.

[update (5/30 10:34): Foreign Policy has an essay by David Rothkopf with the same sentiments as HFP, about how American businesses and entreprenuers will be our greatest asset in the war against terror. I can't agree more. Terrorism is warfare by unconventional means, in order to meet it head-on, we will have to employ unconventional means.]

If you can't tell, I really hate this guy

Eric Alterman writes in his delusional blog:


Syndicated columnist Matthew Miller, former Clinton Administration econ guy, is, like Sir Michael Howard, Stanley Hoffman and Paul Kennedy before him, absolutely right: The current “war” on terror is not really a “war” and we should stop allowing the Bush Administration to manipulate our political system and undermine our freedoms as if it were.
First off, note that Alterman's link is incorrect, you'll have to go back in the archive to the column submitted on 5/22. In any case, the premise of Miller's column seems to be that we are not in a war for survival, so we should stop using the term "war" to describe our actions against terrorism.

Of course we are not fighting for our national survival, even smallpox or a nuclear warhead could not destroy this country. Jonah Goldberg's latest column (via Instapundit) makes this case, the worst they could do is hurt us severely.

But I don't know how else to describe the military action in Afghanistan. If it wasn't a war of survival for us, surely it was for the Taliban. Maybe he thinks it was a war, but we are not at war. Were we at war during Operation Desert Storm? Would we be at war if we invaded Iraq again? Certainly, our national survival wouldn't be at stake. Life would go on as normal for most people.

I agree with most of the column, there should be criticism of the administration, because we've got a long road ahead of us. But the idea that somehow calling this a "war" prevents that criticism is pretty silly. It didn't stop some Democrats from coming out with this Bush Knew foolishness. What stopped them was the revelation that they knew as much as he did (via MWOwatch).

The Narcissism Watch Continues!

The kicker is at the end of Alterman's post, where he says Miller wrote a "brave" column. Praising other people for having the same opinions as yourself is a pretty silly exercise. The man needs help.

We'll get to see more of his self-absorption soon, he's promised to post more bootlicking email from his readers tomorrow or Friday.

Crooowblog says I've taken the anti-Alterman mantle from Welch. I dunno, I'm just running with it for now.

Reuters, the American Front for Hamas

Outrage at Harvard over 'jihad' speech (via Drudge)

Reuters starts off with the death threat, then sets up the Jewish students to portray them as ignorant and bigoted for not knowing the true meaning of the word Jihad:
One of those who has taken a peek at the address is Yasin's father, Junaid, who called it "plain vanilla."

"It's trying to connect Islamic ideals with American ideals, trying to put his perspective on his personal struggle," Junaid Yasin told Reuters.

"His choice of a title was controversial for some people because unfortunately that word has been taken over by people who have done some very bad things," he added.
Jihad, in its most basic form means "struggle." We all know this. Not all Muslims believe it to mean a war against non-Muslims. But Zayed is not one of these peace-loving Muslims. He's not the victim of vicious Jewish anti-Muslim stereotypes, as Reuters insinuates.

He is a supporter of Hamas. Reuters nowhere in the article mentions this most salient fact. To Zayed, the word "Jihad" means dead Jews (Article 28 of the Hamas Charter: "Israel, Judaism and Jews challenge Islam and the Moslem people. "May the cowards never sleep."")

Reuters should be ashamed for running articles like this, designed to cast aspersions on Jews and hide links to terrorist groups.

Tomorrow's News, Today!

Atrios' comments are down, so I can't link to where I posted it, but I predicted yesterday that the administration knew an attack coming a few days before, but didn't know what it was. Now NewsMax reports:
Five days before Sept. 11, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice was warned that a terrorist attack inside the United States was imminent, a former U.S. senator who headed up a blue-ribbon commission on terrorism revealed late Tuesday.

"I've known the national security advisor, Professor Rice, for about 20 some years," former Colorado Sen. Gary Hart told WABC Radio's John Batchelor and Paul Alexander. "She was a supporter of mine in my first presidential campaign as a graduate student in Denver."
I was basing my conjecture on FBI raids against a Muslim ISP (the raids brought down the Al Jazeera TV station for a few hours, all across the Middle East. Needless to say, a lot of Arabs were very unhappy, and it reassured the hijackers that we weren't on to their plan, even though we knew they were somewhere out there.

Blog Burst

As part of Joe Katzman’s “blog burst,” I’ve been asked to post this (blogger was down, so I could not post until now):

Account of Rally at SFSU by Benjamin Epstein


We finally did it. Today, finally, we had a Pro-Israel rally.

They started opposing us very early in the morning. I got out of Math class at about 9:00. From what she told me, Sara wrote pro-Israel and pro-peace messages on the public walkways with chalk.

I only found a few intact messages. The majority of them were rubbed out by the time I saw them, one hour after Sara wrote them.

Our advertising posters were disappearing quickly too. As soon as I reached Hillel, I took a bundle of posters warning about the Anti-Semitism on campus, bearing a picture of the Blood libel picture that was posted against us so recently.

I sang anti-war songs and other folk tunes as I taped the posters up with a role of cheap scotch tape. One I saved specifically for the pillar outside the office of Associated Students, the organization that approved the blood libel poster. An old lady in the office told me that they might not stay up so long, as posters were generally not welcome on the second floor of the student center. I had no doubt they would not stay up long, but for different reasons than hers.

With only a few left, I replaced a few that have been torn down in the short time since I put them up. One that I put up was nearby a trio of students reading one of the slanderous Anti-Zionist leaflets they've been passing against us. Sooo... I commented.

I found myself having a discussion with the trio. One, I found out later, was the same fellow I thought was going to punch me out when he overheard me calling some of their speakers 'agitators.' He was of Jordanian descent. So we talked. Not as friendly as I would like, but not as hostile as the usual case is; there was more discussion than the standard evil look they usually give us.

Though he did not believe Israel should be destroyed, he did not believe the Camp David accords meant anything. After all, if Israel had no right to the territories, what was the validity of returning them? I'm not sure what else he wanted. Everything Israel took, it seems. Or more? Who knows? The conversation ended when he decided we were making no progress, going around in circles. The Palestinian supporters seem to have a certain hatred of circles. I tend to think of the talks more as a ping pong match, where one stroke volleys the ball back to the originator. They got tired of my rebuttals. Oh, I had a rebuttal for everything. Even the white kid who says that he found something admirable in people willing to sacrifice their lives for their country. But he did not stay to listen for again I had a rebuttal. I was going to mention the nobility of shooting a five year old girl in her bedroom. But alas, I never had a chance to say. Eventually we parted ways.

People were on campus. It was slow for the people to come. Even at noon when the rally started, we didn't yet fill the plaza. During the meantime, I conversed with an old man, a veteran for peace, who told me his story. He actually served with the German army in World War II. As he described it, the most fanatical in the army were the men in their twenties and over, who remembered the depression, and remembered Hitler's deliverance. But him, with advice from his father to keep his mind his own. He was younger than the others, in his teens when he was in the army, and grew up hearing nothing but the Nazi propaganda. He didn't seem to believe in it. His name was Herbert Paas, and he wrote a book called A Time of Breaking Hearts. He gave me a flier which includes his book, some bio info, and his e-mail address: So I put it here in case others want to look at it. We parted on good terms.

Many of the signs I made on Sunday were popular. I carried one that made a list of the number of people killed by "freedom fighters." Ghandi, Dr. King, Mandela and Chavez all had a friendly zero after their names, while Arafat had the word "countless."

But even as we filled our space, the Palestinians took theirs. They were separated from the rally by mere feet. Earlier we thought they would be all the way by the library. They were behind makeshift fences, scant feet away from Malcolm X plaza. Their signs, potraying Sharon as a Nazi, and Zionists as racists. Later they complained that they were being oppressed, caged, by the fence and the police security.

And the rally started. The Palestinians chanted. Some of their chants:

Hey Hey Ho Ho the Occupation has to go! No Justice! No Peace! Zionists off our campus now! Racists off our campus now! Free Palestine!

And some more. They chanted, jeered, used a drum, and a megaphone throughout every speaker we had on the rally. They were never quiet. Ever.

When we stood at their rallies, we were silent. We kept our distance, keeping our protest respectful. We did not chant, we did not jeer. We passed out fliers and talked quietly. But they never ceased their roaring sound through the hour and a half of speakers.

Some of the speakers were quite good. I eventually gave up wandering around, and went near the stage, where I cheered and tried to get others to do so. I listened to many of them. Many had messages of peace. Many reminded others of the Arab actions through the decades. One, I remember, asked everyone to bow their head and stop speaking, to focus for a brief moment on peace. Those who were there for the Israeli rally bowed their heads and were silent... so all we heard were the endless jeers of the Palestinians, who never quieted down. I don't think they ever listened to the speakers either, even those who tried to give a few words of sympathy to the Arab sufferings.

Many also spoke about Anti-Semitism, and against the blood libel poster. Some were refugees from the Holocaust or Egypt and shared their stories. Another was a radio announcer who mentioned how he's been on that stage at SF State many times, and each time the Palestinians did what they were doing now.

One of the other Hillel members... I can't remember his name... waved me up to the stage near the end. I followed. We headed off the stage, and he asked me to help him keep some calm while community members left the rally. It was easy to see what he was talking about; I didn't have to go far to see a screaming alteration betweena Palestinian and an Israel supporter. I tried to quiet it down a bit. The Israel supporter suggested I advise one of the security guards about potential problems once they leave. I did. Security assured me that they would not leave till it was all calm.

Then the most surreal moment happened. The Israel rally ended with people singing this beautiful song, which I only learned later, was Hatikva. It was accompanied by music, beautiful music. Earlier that rally I heard them play an angelic choir singing O'Sey Shalom. This was just as beautiful. The Israel supporters sang. The Palestinians screamed and cursed.

I was in between the two groups, having been brought there by the other. I stood there, and the thought pounded in my mind that this was one of the most contrasting experiences of my life. Above me was the sky. Sunny. There was wind and my allergies have been difficult this day.

My ears were ablaze with sound. Screams. "Zionists off our campus!" "Racists!" mixed with achingly beautiful Jewish music, and voices of a thousand singing. If I turned my head to the left, I saw the angry faces, screaming with rage, waving black and green flags. And when I turned my head to the right, I saw a sea of blue and white, singing people. And I was in the middle. I felt it was like being on a movie set, at the film's climax.

And it ended. People started to leave. I went to our table and we started organizing our signs.

And that's when they followed us.

The Palestinians slipped around the barricade. Screaming, waving their flags, yelling insults. Women with their turbans pressed forward, yelling horrible things. Some of us tried to ignore them, or be friendly. But some got angry and argued back. More pressed forward, and I can see that most of the Palestinian movement was there in the middle of the plaza, pressing against us. I remember saying to them: "We were quiet at your rally. We were quiet at your rally." I repeated it like a broken record. I asked one man why they didn't show us the same respect. What did I mean, he asked. We didn't push you against the wall, I said. We're not pushing you, he told me. Were his eyes that tightly closed?

I sprinted off looking for a security guard. It seemed like it took forever before I found one. The police officer told me to check with an SFSU security staff. When I found her, she said something in her radio. I stood on stage, watching the two sides meet. Would they riot? Would there be violence? Where would I stand?

I went back to the table, and heard more obsecenities. One black man shouted: "Burn Fuckers Burn!" We took up our flags and signs, and started singing Oseh Shalom, while they yelled at us, pushing up against the police who stood between them and us.

A new chant started: "Take down the flag! Take down the flag!"

We had an Israeli flag hanging up over the door to the student center. They chanted for us to take it down. And we sang "Oseh Shalom" over and over again, alternating occassionally with "Henah Mahtov" Someone told me later that they saw Will Flowers, one of the administrative directors, laugh during this chaos.

Finally, Seth, the head of the Hillel, climbed up a ladder and took down the flag. The Palestinians cheered, having achieved an apparent victory. I asked Seth why he gave in to their shouting. He answered me simply: "It's now 2:00. Our rally's over." It was privately amusing that he obeyed the clock, not the mob.

After more shouting, we finally had the police escort us back to the Hillel. Meanwhile the Palestinians yelled "Cowards!" and "Racists!" at us. I can't explain the exhaustion I felt when we finally returned.

It was crowded there. We talked, drank, ate pizza, and best of all, got to visit the bathroom. I stayed for a long time, until many others left. And Sara got a phone call.

She put the caller on the speaker phone. It was a woman who read books on the horrors of Zionism, and, almost tearfully, told us we should change our names to German, and how she was upset that she had to give up all her Jewish friends, because we were all barbarians. Sara asked her if she was at the SF State rally. No, she was not. Sara tried to explain what happened, but she went off again on how horrible we were. The crux was when she accused us of stealing Arab oil. "But Israel has no oil," a perplexed Sara explained. "Israel buys oil from Argentina!" She then accused Israel of taking the water from the West Bank, and Sara started to explain Israeli geography, how the West Bank is on the opposite side of the Mediterranean. The woman then told her to eat dog shit and hung up.
“the West Bank is on the opposite side of the Mediterranean”

I’m not really sure what to make of that.
But one thing we said when we were altogether, right after the rally. They advised us to tell this to our parents, and to explain it to Corrigan, and have our parents also write to Corrigan. So I offer this to you.

I soon went home. I passed by some Palestinian students who, amazingly, were in a semi-discussion with some of the Hillel students. At least they were talking rather than foaming at the mouth. I was too tired to stay however. I went home, and called two people. One was my contact at the Simon Wiesenthal center. I got her answering machine. She wants me to call back in the morning to tell her the story. And I also surprised someone who I should have called a while ago, but postponed it until this moment: Rabbi Manhoff.

Manhoff was quite surprised and excited to hear from me. We talked a while before he has to go, but we'll be staying in touch.

I have now seen a mob of people yelling for Jewish blood. I saw them look at me, knowing I was Jewish, angry at me as well as those I was with. I saw the hatred in their eyes. I saw what could have been a riot if we didn't have the security guard. Is this what our ancestors saw in the Pogrom? Is this what that Rabbi ancestor of ours... the one that Dad always tells me his name and I always forget it... saw outside his synagogue as he held the torah? I said to others this is something I don't think I'll ever forget. And I don't mean remembering for the rest of my life. I mean its something I'd remember in my next life. It's something deep in the residual memory of all Jews, who recall Anti-Semitism. I have seen its face.
What happened at that rally is an embarrassment to SFSU. I can only comment on one or two facets of what happened at SFSU, to read more, visit Katzman's blog burst."

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

How People are Finding my Weblog though Google II


jordan sluts amman
I actually went out of my way to include unwieldy terms (like ) in my Google-bomb attempt (link is invisible, use your mouse to find it), because I figured the people looking for it would be fairly unsophisticated (nude. it's "nude," not "undressed.") The time zone both visitors were from runs straight through Egypt and Turkey.

Hey, don't let the web police catch you, and good luck on finding real porn. It must be difficult in Egypt, I'll bet the dictatorship running things caves in to the fundies on unpopular issues like pornography.

"Rape Pics"
The text "rape pics" appeared on my site in relation to a link to the Daniel Pearl video. One website which was carrying the video proudly boasted having a link to a website containing "rape pics" in a prominent place. (I did not link to that web site.)

If you want to see pictures of people being raped, why not go for the next best thing? That's right, get yourself arrested, and go to prison. Then you can experience rape firsthand, you sick, twisted, evil bastard. If you're not up to going to prison, you should give serious thought to killing yourself.

talk magazine chandra levy pictures
I think it's time to put up Chandra spam to get Google's attention:

Naked Chandra Levy Autopsy Pictures Chandra Autopsy Photos Shandra Levi Shondra Levey Chondra Levee Autopsy Death Gruesome Photos Grousome Pictures Gary Condit Nude

For Naked Chandra Autopsy Pictures, Click Here

[update (5/29 10:58am): this is just too depressing. "Chandra Levy Condit Bondage," "christianne klein nude," and "savage rape pics," now, too]

Congress Threatens to Leave DC unless new Capitol is Built

The Onion is in good form today.

Jewish Terrorists

Jewish terrorists are being charged for their crimes. They were arrested by the Israeli police after planning to blow up a trailer at an Arab girls' school. One of them is Noam Federman, brother of Eli Federman, who prevented the disco terror bombing just days ago.

Two brothers, two terror attacks. One by Jews, aimed at Arabs, the other by Arabs, aimed at Jews. Moral equivalence starts to creep in, until you remember: both terror attacks were stopped by Jews. When have the Palestinians ever stopped a terror attack?

Alterman Sez: Jews Always to Blame

It looks like Eric Alterman agrees with Tom Paulin (via Instapundit).

Boutin was the poet who said this about Brooklyn-born settlers in Israel: "They should be shot dead. I think they are Nazis, racists, I feel nothing but hatred for them." Actually, it looks like Alterman wants all of the settlers dead.

He criticizes Israeli parents for bringing their children into a war zone, but won't criticize the Palestinians who deliberately shoot at them. The closest he comes to condemning terrorism is to attack the parents of suicide bombers (but not even the bombers themselves). If he's going to discuss the situation the West Bank, and criticize people, he might want to mention that shooting children as they play soccer, or as they cower on their parents' bed is not very nice.

Then there is this gem: "During the first Intifada, I interviewed the settler parents of a murdered teenage girl who had been accidentally killed [by another Jew]" (emphasis mine). You see, when settlers kill people, even accidentally, it's murder. And when Palestinian heroic resistance fighters kill people "illegal" "occupied" land, even deliberately, it's just part of being in a war zone, and the Jews are still responsible.

Apparently in Alterland, no matter what, the fault can always be traced back to the Jews.

[Update (4:38pm): More Indiscriminate Murder in the West Bank:

Three Israeli settlers shot dead/3 teens killed at Itamar yeshiva. Of course, to the BBC, the kids are labeled "settlers," but they would never label Palestinians as "terrorists." (via Damian Penny)]

How People are Finding my Weblog though Google

These are the search terms they're entering into Google, to find my site:
gay free phot bear
"Bears," I am told, are extremely hairy gay men (::shudder::).

Yemeni porn
This comes from my ham-handed attempt at Google-bombing Little Green Footballs (it's invisible, but it's there).

Cairo husband post nude photos of wife on web
I just hope his mother-in-law doesn't find out.

Monday, May 27, 2002

Operation Defensive Shield 2?

After "the operation to end all operations," it looks like another one will be necessary. But Israel is not going to fall into the trap of waiting for another Passover Massacre before taking action against the terrorists. It isn't going to appease them until they manage to murder 29 at once, it will launch raids when just half as many die in a bombing. Because even one bomb victim is too many.

The Petah Tikva attack was barbaric enough, with a bomber targeting a crowd that included a grandmother pushing a stroller with a baby inside.

It's already began raiding a few cities, it's even returned to Jenin. While it's been carrying out small raids, and not a full-scale assault, that could quickly change, as Internal Security Minister Uzi Landau has called for ODS 2.

It looks like, for the time being, constant raids are the way Israel will fight terror. It doesn't want to reestablish the occupation, it doesn't want to maintain a permanent siege on all of the cities, but it will have to go in regularly to nab terrorists.

Arafat, Not Barak, Not Even Clinton, was to Blame for the Failure at Taba

Benny Morris interviews Ehud Barak (via Andrew Sullivan):
The call from Bill Clinton came hours after the publication in The New York Times of Deborah Sontag's "revisionist" article ("Quest for Middle East Peace: How and Why It Failed," July 26, 2001) on the Israeli–Palestinian peace process. Ehud Barak, Israel's former prime minister, on vacation, was swimming in a cove in Sardinia. Clinton said (according to Barak):
What the hell is this? Why is she turning the mistakes we [i.e., the US and Israel] made into the essence? The true story of Camp David was that for the first time in the history of the conflict the American president put on the table a proposal, based on UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, very close to the Palestinian demands, and Arafat refused even to accept it as a basis for negotiations, walked out of the room, and deliberately turned to terrorism. That's the real story—all the rest is gossip.
Clinton was speaking of the two-week-long July 2000 Camp David conference that he had organized and mediated and its failure, and the eruption at the end of September of the Palestinian intifada, or campaign of anti-Israeli violence, which has continued ever since and which currently plagues the Middle East, with no end in sight. Midway in the conference, apparently on July 18, Clinton had "slowly"—to avoid misunderstanding—read out to Arafat a document, endorsed in advance by Barak, outlining the main points of a future settlement. The proposals included the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state on some 92 percent of the West Bank and 100 percent of the Gaza Strip, with some territorial compensation for the Palestinians from pre-1967 Israeli territory; the dismantling of most of the settlements and the concentration of the bulk of the settlers inside the 8 percent of the West Bank to be annexed by Israel; the establishment of the Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, in which some Arab neighborhoods would become sovereign Palestinian territory and others would enjoy "functional autonomy"; Palestinian sovereignty over half the Old City of Jerusalem (the Muslim and Christian quarters) and "custodianship," though not sovereignty, over the Temple Mount; a return of refugees to the prospective Palestinian state though with no "right of return" to Israel proper; and the organization by the international community of a massive aid program to facilitate the refugees' rehabilitation.

Arafat said "No." Clinton, enraged, banged on the table and said: "You are leading your people and the region to a catastrophe." A formal Palestinian rejection of the proposals reached the Americans the next day. The summit sputtered on for a few days more but to all intents and purposes it was over.

Read the whole thing, it's very good. If Ehud Barak returned to be PM again, he could be a very good leader.Media Horse Online Watch

A new blog by Crooow Blog founder Henry Hanks. I like it.

[update (5/29 2:28am): actually, MHOwatch was started by Jay Caruso (of, Hanks is a contributor]

The Culture of Death

PizzaGuyTom reports on his blog that the suicide bombers were often selected from groups of people who had no reason to live:
"Israeli news Channel Two reported last night that the motivation for suicide bombing was not only "ideological." According to official Israeli sources, Palestinian terrorist recruiters visit terminally ill patients in cancer wards, and two of the suicide bombers in Israel were terminally ill and money was offered to their families. The two women homicide bombers were both divorced and shunned by their families and felt their lives were over anyway. They too were recruited, as a way of bringing "honor" to themselves after disgracing their families. The other bombers were children of very poor families who encouraged the sacrifice of their children as a way of making a buck. They received thousands of dollars, which is why they are encouraging their other sons to do the same."
Taking cancer patients does not bother me (it's almost reassuring that they're not killing healthy people), but the idea of using divorced women is sickening. The only reason they've lost hope for their future is the intolerance of their neighbors. And their own families want them dead. Their own families want them dead. They live in a culture of death. The lefties are so obsessed with "multiculturalism" that mass murder won't even make them blink.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Die by the Sword: The Best Hack-n-Slash Game Ever

DIE BY THE SWORD is selling for only $5 a copy at Amazon. It's one of the most fun games I've ever played. I lost my CD a few years ago, so I was very happy to be able to buy it again on Amazon (I paid $10 for it, but I'm not complaining).

If you like action video games, this one is a must have. The "VSIM" controls give you an incredible level of control over your sword, and it's all in 3D. You can chop off enemies' limbs, and make them hop after you on one leg. As I said in my review, this game features a level of violence not seen since the arcade classic "Time Killers."

It was revolutionary when it first came out, and it still is. For five dollars this is a must-buy. (I'm not getting a cut of the sales, either, but if you run a blog and want in on the action, just send me an email with the URL to replace the current one)

This is Funny

Martin Wisse says:
When conservatives point out that "socialism don't work" what do they point to?

State capitalism. The USSR, China, North Korea, Cambodia and others may have called themselves socialist states, but they were anything but.

Maybe he could expound on this. It could really use some expoundation, I'm very confused (Lenin was a capitalist? Mao was a fascist?)

In case Wisse forgot, we also point to Sweden as an example of socialism failing.

Nautical Horror On the Not-So-High Seas: Terrorism or Terrible Accident?

While the US is on alert for acts of domestic terrorism (note the picture accompanying the article), at least one bridge has been rammed by a barge in Oklahoma, and one has collapsed. There is a big storm there, though, so terrorism seems unlikely. These things happen.

My theory is that these constant "Homeland Security" warnings create so much tension and negativity in the American public, that the combined psychic energy of hundreds of millions is willing these disasters to occur. Warning about apartment building terrorism? Warning answered. Warning about a bridge? We've got our downed bridges.

The bad news: FBI Issues Warning about Nuclear Plants. Some Homer Simpson type is going to kill a million of us by accident next week.

Headline I'd like to see: Warning: FBI Plans to Issue More Warnings

Canadians Hold Araft Encountable

Israel's demands on Arafat to make his state more democratic have upset Bill Graham, the Canadian Minister of Appeasement. He attacks Israel under the pretense that democratic reforms would be undemocratic and unCanadian:
The peoples themselves choose to reform their own governmental institutions, and as Canadians, we're very careful to say that. But I certainly will, when I go to see Chairman Arafat tomorrow I will certainly urge upon him to continue the path that he's indicated he's doing. He's signed the law giving an independent judiciary we encountably very strongly in the protection of human rights through an independent judiciary. I know from having been in the Palestinian area before that there are problems. I think that a more democratic, more open, more tolerant political system within the Palestinian Authority itself will enhance the leadership of the Palestinian Authority and enable them to have credible negotiations and stronger negotiations.
But what's really intriguing is one word in there: "Encountably." Listen to it yourself, not even Ha'aretz could figure out what he was saying:
"I know from having been in the Palestinian area before that there are problems," Graham said, referring to his time as chairman of the Canadian parliament's foreign affairs committee. "I think a more democratic, more open, more tolerant political system within the Palestinian Authority itself will enhance the leadership ... and enable them to have credible negotiations, stronger negotiations in bringing peace."
What is encountability? Is it a new term, created to describe some new phenomen which previously could not be put into words? What does it mean?

Does it describe the Palestinian National Authority's previously undescribable accounting system? ("The encountable financial system of the Palestinian Authority is not something human minds are able to understand. Why 20% of every currency conversion is lost, I cannot fathom.")

Or the European Union's decision to ignore the evidence of widespread fraud? ("This evidence given to us by Israel is encountable, we refuse to look at it!")

Or the way the European Union has analyzed the evidence of provided by Sharon? ("After scrutinizing these documents encountably, we find absolutely no evidence of fraud of any kind.")

Whatever the case, I just wish they would start holding Arafat encountable accountable for once. They choose to look the other way when it becomes obvious Arafat's been using their money to fund terrorism—which makes them willing sponsors of terrorism. The fact that he's resisting democratic reforms, to them, is just another reason to bash Israel (for trying to force democracy on the helpless and oppressed Palestinian people). The fact that the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades are reneging on their promise not to attack civilians (with their car bomb attack on a disco and the second suicide bombing in Rishon Letzion) is irrelevant. The media and the European/Canadian governments just don't care about any of this.

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