Saturday, July 20, 2002

"You will never be safe..."

The idiot left-wingers pull out slogans like "Israel will never be safe while the Palestinians are oppressed." Palestinian sympathizers in Israel and in Arab countries mimic them (Eurinals love it when they hear third-world types talking like them).

But Arab actions speak louder than Arab words.

The Palestinians' actions scream out, "you will never be safe unless we are oppressed."

The curfew was lifted in the suicide bombers' hometown. The curfews must remain. And, if necessary, more draconian measures must be taken.

The Palestinians have to come on their knees, begging Israel for peace, instead of the other way around. Just like we had to whip the Nazis, instead of begging them for a peace treaty during WWII. Could you imagine the Allies being told by a third party they should beg Adolf Hitler for peace? (Yeah, I just broke Godwin's Law. But I don't care. Replace the Nazi analogy with any other big war analogy, and imagine the victorious country, during the middle of the war, suing for a peace that was not a surrender. It's absurd historically. And it's absurd in Israel's case).

Friday, July 19, 2002

Now they Won't kill Jews

With two suicide bombers, the terrorist pigs were only able to kill 3 Israelis. This is not to minimize their suffering, the three dead left behind many family members, and there were dozens wounded.

But it could have been worse, much worse. The bombs they were using must not have been made very well. Before Operation Defensive Shield, a singe bomb could kill twenty Israelis, if it was made with high-grade materials (the Passover Massacre even claimed 29, but most of the victims were elderly).

But the real issue is that foreign workers were attacked. It's bad enough the Palestinians try to kill Jews, but to kill non-Jewish guests? That's beyond their usual level of reprehensibility.

It's an attack on the Israeli economy. Israel needs the foreign workers, because the Palestinians can't be trusted to work for them (they use the access to Israel to carry out attacks). It's a no-win situation for Israel, when it lets them work, it's accused of "exploiting" them, and when it doesn't, it's accused of starving them. But attacking foreign guests, the terrorists hope to drive them out (and I can't blame them for leaving, they should not be expected to risk their lives for Israel, any more than Jews should be expected to risk their lives for Romania).

If attacks continue to drive down the Israeli economy, Israel might reach a point where it would be cheaper to carry out mass expulsions of Arabs and face European boycotts than to live with the terror. And when transfer becomes economically viable, it will happen. Palestinians are too stupid to realize this, and hold back with their attacks. But, then again, they're not smart enough to hurt Israel to the point where transfer would become economically viable. The current equilibrium could last indefinitely, the current situation won't change any time soon.

How Could I

Have left Kesher Talk off my list of top-flight blogs? It's got all your esoteric Jihad-in-America news, like the story about Abdurahman Alamoudi threating a journalist's health. And other stuff.

Monday, July 15, 2002

Please Help!

My computer died I on me! (I've been posting today from another computer, but now I think my problems are more severe)

I can't load Windows Me. Even when I boot in Safe Mode. Even when I have the Intall CD in the drive.

It says I can't reinstall Windows Me, because when I run scandisk, it says FAT cluster 0 or whatever is corrupted

I can't install Windows XP (I went out and bought it in hopes installing that would solve my problems) without wiping out all of my files, because it says my drive has to be formatted!

And when I can get into DOS (by putting the WinMe install CD in the drive when I boot up), it looks like my entire "program files" folder has been deleted.


What the hell is going on? Do I have a virus or worms or whatever? How can I fix this? Please help! (please post responses to the comment section below, and not into my email). Thanks.

[update (10:51pm)


That the minute I need help, YACCS dies and I can't receive comments.

Please email me if you have any special insight into this.]

How the War on Terror will appear in High School History Books

Fifty years from now, what will the War on Terror have looked like? I would bet in a half a century, a lot of the hate and ignorance within the Muslim world will have abated, and they will have joined us in freedom. And the high school history books will treat the hate as if it never existed. The people who opposed ignorance and prejudice in the Muslim world and rallied for military action outside Afghanistan will be portrayed as backwards and bigoted against Muslims. We're going to be royally screwed by the left-wing historical revisionists who write the textbooks...

Still, being slandered in history books is not so bad a fate as not being right.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

Hadayet had Money Trouble

Apparently, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet was having financial problems. This will no doubt be hyped by the media and justice department, which wishes to portray his terrorist rampage as an "isolated incident" and not part of a decades-long campaign of terror.

But what does it prove that he had money trouble? Why would that lead him to shoot up the El Al ticket counter? Unless he blamed Israel and Jews for his financial woes (which would make him a lunatic anti-Semite), his decision to attack El Al was purely political (which would make him a lunatic anti-Semite). Either way, a lunatic anti-Semite specifically targeted Israelis.

Is that a "hate crime" or is it "terrorism?" I would suggest they are almost one and the same. I would feel perfectly comfortable using the term "terrorism" to describe the Klan's behavior in the American South, and their crimes were what we today call "hate crimes." The sine qua non of a "hate crime" is that it is part of a targeted campaign of violence against a specific group, that's why we consider even a minor attack like a stabbing to be so much more serious if it is a "hate crime" than a random criminal stabbing (this one is only news because the victim is famous).

I am deeply suspicious of people trying to draw distinctions between the two.


We are not politicians, nor are we generals. We hold no power to dispatch diplomats to negotiate; we can send no troops to defend those who choose to risk their lives in the cause of freedom.

What power we have is in our words, and in our thoughts. And it is that strength which we offer to the people of Iran on this day.

Across the diverse and often contentious world of weblogs, each of us has chosen to put aside our differences and come together today to declare our unanimity on the following simple principles:

- That the people of Iran are allies of free men and women everywhere in the world, and deserve to live under a government of their own choosing, which respects their own personal liberties

- That the current Iranian regime has failed to create a free and prosperous society, and attempts to mask its own failures by repression and tyranny

We do not presume to know what is best for the people of Iran; but we are firm in our conviction that the policies of the current government stand in the way of the Iranians ability to make those choices for themselves.

And so we urge our own governments to turn their attention to Iran. The leaders and diplomats of the world's democracies must be clear in their opposition to the repressive actions of the current Iranian regime, but even more importantly, must be clear in their support for the aspirations of the Iranian people.

And to the people of Iran, we say: You are not alone. We see your demonstrations in the streets; we hear of your newspapers falling to censorship; and we watch with anticipation as you join the community of the Internet in greater and greater numbers. Our hopes are with you in your struggle for freedom. As dictatorial as your regime is today, democracy is within reach, because you want it. You, the people of Iran, must want democracy if it is to come about, you must be prepared to fight for it (hopefully nonviolently), and even suffer in order to achieve it. But it appears your suffering may not last much longer, if the regime is as weak as it appears.
[changed at the end by me, the original form letter is here as part of the Iranian Freedom Blog Burst]

Assassination Attempt on Chirac: Was it "Terrorism?"

Of course not! The neo-Nazi youth never received any direct orders from any leaders of established terror groups. He was acting on his own, it was an isolated incident. He was probably just having family problems. In fact, he might not even have done it at all. He might have been framed by the French police, who are notorious for persecuting neo-Nazis. (this was all sarcasm)

Interesting Parallel

Contrast this article about Turkey with the one I posted below about Israel.

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